“We must develop solidarity among the revolutionaries of the world” – Medya News

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The first internationalist conference was held in Rojava with the participation of internationalists from all over the world. The conference was held under the slogan “In the spirit of international struggle, we salute the 10th anniversary of the Rojava revolution”.

Şoreş Ronahî, a member of the Internationalist Preparatory Committee, spoke to the ANF about the conference.

Şoreş Ronahî draws attention to the importance of international solidarity and says that they should further develop solidarity among world revolutionaries.

“To revive internationalism and inclusive resistance worldwide against capitalist modernity and fascism in general, many opportunities have arisen through the Rojava revolution in the context of the 21st century. Thanks to this perspective of inspiration by this revolution, hundreds of internationalists have arrived here and participated in the Rojava revolution from various countries of the world since 2014 until now.

Ronahi continued:

“The struggle of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement from the very beginning, from the 1970s to the present, has played quite an important role related to inspiring and providing incentives for socialist resistance movements not only in Kurdistan and the greater Middle East but also for all humanity based on his insistence, his resilience, his thought and his philosophy, in practice.

Şoreş Ronahî said that there is an internationalist spirit in the character of the struggle in Kurdistan and said:

“Under the umbrella organization of World Democratic Confederalism, we aim to unite all these struggles against fascism, colonialism and capitalist modernity in the various countries of the world in order to support, empower, consult and motivate each other each other”

He gave the example of Che Guevera, an Argentinian Marxist revolutionary and major figure in the Cuban Revolution.

“Just as Che Guevera had called during his speech at the three continents conference that ‘let’s create several other Vietnamese-type resistances against existing capitalism and imperialism’, we also call this ‘let us create several other Kurdish-type struggles in order to broaden the struggles against capitalism'”

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Thelma J. Longworth