Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu Visits the Birthplace of Freedom Fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju | Odisha News | Latest news from Odisha

New Delhi: Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu today visited the birthplace of famous freedom fighter and revolutionary, Alluri Sitarama Raju in Pandrangi village near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Calling it a memorable day in his life, Shri Naidu said he was an ardent follower of Shri Alluri from his student days. After decorating a statue of Shri Alluri, he met the freedom fighter‘s family members and interacted with the villagers.

Praising the courageous sacrifices of Shri Alluri, Shri Naidu said that “he did not flinch at the might of the British Empire. His conviction, commitment, selfless devotion and sincerity were unwavering as he galvanized the tribals to fight against the injustices of the British.

Writing later in a Facebook post, Shri Naidu suggested that as India celebrates Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, “we must remember the countless sacrifices of our freedom fighters and be inspired by their patriotic zeal”. He recalled that these heroes fought “not just for an abstract geographical entity, but to liberate millions of people from oppressive and unjust British rule”.

Shri Naidu called on the youth “to learn the spirit of sacrifice and unwavering commitment of our freedom fighters. They must never compromise on core values, no matter what the requirement.” He urged young people to visit the birthplaces of these great national heroes and seek inspiration by reliving their stories.

The Vice President then visited the village of Ramalayam Barlapeta and unveiled the busts of freedom fighters Shri Rupakula Subrahmanyam and Smt. Rupakula Visalakshi. Interacting with the villagers, Shri Naidu praised the couple’s efforts in the temple entry movement, the Quit India movement and the Salt Satyagraha. Shri Naidu said their lives serve as an inspiration to the current generation and urged that the lives of many unsung heroes be told and celebrated.

Thelma J. Longworth