No action was taken from 1981 until 2014, that is to say or during the last 33 years by them, observed the court. request for the granting of the freedom combatant’s pension. Judge Sharad Kumar Sharma imposed a cost of Rs.3.5,000 to be paid to the widow for …

No action has been taken from 1981 until 2014, that is to say for 33 years by them, the court observed.

Uttarakhand High Court severely criticized state government for running a freedom fighter from office to office to satisfy his legitimate claim for a freedom fighter’s pension .

Judge Sharad Kumar Sharma imposed a cost of Rs.350,000 to pay the widow for the harassment for which her late husband, a freedom fighter, and she had suffered at the hands of the state agency. The court also ordered the state to begin paying a Freedom Fighter’s pension without further delay to the widow of the late freedom fighter Satyeshwar Sharma and to pay the full arrears of the Freedom Fighter’s pension in within one month.

The court was considering the plea of ​​a 91-year-old widow of a freedom fighter, whose late husband died aged around 100. The request of her late husband, who first applied for the pension in 1981, for the Freedom Fighter pension, was rejected by the state.

At the start, the bench observed: Nothing could be a more pathetic litigation than the case here, where a person who devoted his life to securing the liberty of the country, our “Alma Mater”, sued for the granting of a combatant’s pension of freedom under the 1975 rules since 05/03/1981, but without any result.

The court also noted that the freedom fighter, who was almost 90-100 years old, was asked to run from pillar to post, table to table to ensure that the benefit of the freedom fighter’s pension for which he claimed to be eligible under the 1975 Regulations, is granted to him. “Nothing could be worse and more shocking in this administrative organization of a welfare state where a freedom fighter from 1981 until 06.08.2012, that is to say almost for about 31 years, ran from a office to another for the fulfillment of its legitimate claim. of the granting of the freedom combatant’s pension, but all his efforts were ruined and made in vain. You could say that all of these actions by state authorities would amount to an absolute and utter disrespect to an elderly person and in particular, a freedom fighter who contributed to the freedom movement against the British regime, and had suffered their anger for the country“, said the court.

The court also criticized the act of the then chief minister, who, when approached by the freedom fighter, asked his senior secretary to look into the case and ordered him to pay. a sum of Rs. 50,000 to him. The court said it was done “as if the state were doing a charity work for a freedom fighter while recognizing his services to the nation by granting a help of a sum of money to a poultry ”.

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