Umaji Naik became a great freedom fighter after hearing the stories of Shivaji Maharaj

Umaji Naik, the great revolutionary who raised his voice against the British government in the struggle for India’s freedom, was born on this day. Umaji Naik was a great revolutionary from Maharashtra and he had pitted his nose in the noses of the British for 16 years. Let me tell you all that Krantiveer Umaji Naik was born on September 7, 1791 in the village of Bhiwandi in the district of Pune. His childhood was spent in the premises of Fort Purandar and he learned sword handling, horseback riding, spear handling, dandapatta, etc.

Umaji’s mother told him the stories of Shivaji Maharaj and the story of Shivaji Maharaj aroused a sense of revolution in his mind. After that he learned all the arts very quickly and dreamed of driving the British government out of India. Let us tell you that the ideal of Umaji Naik was Shivaji Maharaj and he declared a revolt against the British government by giving Bhandara to Khandobarai of Jejuri with revolutionaries like Vithuji Naik, Krishna Naik, Khushaba Ramoshi.

Not only that, Umaji Naik plundered the British and began to serve the poor. However, Umaji naik was hanged on February 3, 1832 in Kacheri, a case of Khatkamal Ali in Pune. It is said that the British kept Umaji Naik’s body hanging from a tree because it was supposed to cause panic in the minds of revolutionaries. Umaji Naik had raised his voice against the British government and wanted no revolutionary rebel to see the fate of Umaji Naik.

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