Ukrainian Graphic Novel Freedom Fighter Fundraising for Ukraine

Exclusive to ScreenRant, proceeds from the upcoming graphic novel Maknho: Ukrainian Freedom Fighter will be donated to help fighters in Ukraine.

ScreenRant has an exclusive announcement regarding the upcoming release of comic book publisher Humanoids, Makhno: Ukrainian freedom fighter. The story comes from the creative team of Philippe Thirault and Roberto Zaghi and tells the real life story of revolutionary Nestor Makhno. In an effort to help Ukrainian fighters amid the Russian invasion, a portion of the proceeds will be donated from sales of the graphic novel.

Described as the “haunting true story of the infamous Ukrainian anarchist and revolutionary“, Makhno: Ukrainian freedom fighter is a story by Nestor Makhno, commander of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine. The official synopsis of the story gives a small insight into the life of the Ukrainian leader: “In early 20th century Ukraine, the anarchist Nestor Makhno, son of peasants, was one of the most heroic and colorful figures of the Russian Revolution, encouraging his people to find and embrace social and economic self-determination. MAKHNO is the story of a military strategist who tirelessly challenged the Bolsheviks and the Germans to protect his homeland.


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Ahead of its publication by Franco-American publishing house Humanoids, ScreenRant is proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Makhno: Ukrainian freedom fighter will be donated to the Razom association. Razom, which means “together” in Ukrainian, is a charitable organization that tries to “unlocking Ukraine’s potentialAs part of the many projects to help Razom succeed in his mission, proceeds will be used to help Ukrainian fighters by providing medical aid to those in need.

Makhno Ukrainian Freedom Fighter comic book cover

The announcement comes as the Russian invasion approaches its first month since being ordered in late February. In the weeks that followed, Ukrainian citizens fled in record numbers. This heartbreaking event caused an outpouring of sympathy for the Ukrainian people in this tragic situation. In recent days, social media profiles have been adorned with the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag in a symbolic show of support. Millions of people are trying to figure out the best way to help in these uncertain times, and that even extends to the world of comics.

Image Comics recently announced its series time before time would feature covers by Ukrainian artist Vlad Legostaev whose sales would support relief efforts. Donations from the proceeds of Makhno: Ukrainian freedom fighter will help provide similar assistance to those in need. The humanitarian efforts over the past few weeks are crucial and every small gesture is indeed helping during the upheaval.

The graphic novel about the life of Nestor Makhno not only offers readers the opportunity to learn about one of Ukraine’s most legendary heroes. It offers individuals the opportunity to lend their aid to brave fighters during a dark moment in history. Makhno: Ukrainian freedom fighter will be published under the Humanoids’ Life Drawn imprint and will be available March 22, 2022.

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