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Appearing on the ETV’s “Ringvaade” news program on Monday, Kannik said: “The fact that a plane flying from one country to another is shot down in a third country, in order to apprehend one of its figures of jets and a false bomb threat, has no precedent in my memory, ”commented Kannik.

“This is clearly a hijacking, which can be considered terrorism and, in this case, state terrorism, as ordered by Belarusian authorities,” he said. -he adds.

It must also be taken into account that if the airliner, operated by Ryanair and originally intended for Vilnius, Lithuania, having flown from Greece, had not complied with the order to land in Minsk, it could have very serious consequences, since the Belarusian MiG 29 fighter jets that intercepted the plane would have according to some reports shot it down.

There will likely be serious sanctions coming from the west, Kannik added, one of which will concern Belarusian airspace.

“There was talk of substantially blocking Belarusian airspace, at least for planes coming from the EU, in order to avoid crossing Belarusian airspace. It would also cost Belarus a lot of money, as the overflight costs are significant. banning Belarusian airline Belavia from flying to EU countries.

Kannik also noted that Lukashenko’s inner circle is doing well in its business activities in Europe and has not been hampered there so far. Sanctions here would harm both Lukashenko’s portfolio and the Belarusian national economy as a whole, he said.

Belarus has hijacked the Ryanair commercial flight en route to Vilnius from Greece that had 171 passengers on board before it was able to leave Belarusian airspace on Sunday. It was initially reported that a bomb threat had been issued, but Belarusian authorities found no trace of explosives when the plane was searched, while the plane was escorted to the airport in Minsk by a Belarusian Air Force plane.

Roman Protasevich, Belarusian opposition activist, blogger and founder of Nexta Telegram, was arrested after the plane landed in Minsk, alongside his girlfriend Sofia Sapega, Russian citizen and university student Humanities European Union (EHU) based in Vilnius.

The international community condemned the action with the head of Ryanair calling it “hijacking and piracy”.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Monday that the EU’s joint response to the incident should be “swift and strong”, while President Kersti Kaljulaid said the closure of Belarusian airspace in the west and the imposition of sanctions at EU level should be the next steps.

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