The world needs wise men and saints, not revolutionaries


The Archbishop Emeritus of Minsk celebrates the feast of St. Casimir in a church destroyed in Soviet times and rebuilt last year.

Moscow (AsiaNews) – The world needs “wise men and saints”, not “reformers” or “revolutionaries”, says Mgr. Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, celebrating the consecration mass of the new St. Casimir’s Church in Stolbtsy, Minsk province, on March 7.

It is one of the first public gestures of the Archbishop Emeritus of Minsk, who had spent months in exile and then retired on January 3, after difficult negotiations with the Belarusian authorities. Quoting the French theologian Marie-Dominique Chenu, he stressed that “the most important thing in human life is wisdom”.

In his homily, widely reported by the Belarusian media, Kondrusiewicz explained that wisdom is manifested “in the ability to adequately organize the life of man himself and of society, and also in that of making the necessary decisions. for that, knowing how to objectively evaluate the situations ”. . For this reason, the Archbishop suggested to the faithful present to “look through the prism of divine law, to understand who we really are, whether we are genuine or artificial Christians”.

According to the prelate, “we live in a time when natural things, artifacts and even food, are being replaced by artificial ones, because they are cheaper, but moral values ​​cannot be depreciated, they cannot be devalued. . The Gospel was given to us not for us to change it, but for it to change us, according to the requirements of the moral law ”.

Recalling the dramatic events of recent months, Kondrusiewicz said that “human life is a continuous struggle, in which we must overcome evil with good. In every epoch of human history reformers or revolutionaries are less needed than wise and holy men. May the good Lord fill us with the grace of being similar in this to our heavenly patron Saint Casimir, in order to be able to build a civilization of life and love, and to be able to share with him the eternal joy of heaven “.

The Saint Casimir Church was rebuilt precisely in the year 2020, restoring what was left of the old church, left in ruins in Soviet times, next to which a new church had risen. On October 9, while Kondrusiewicz was in exile in Poland, his vicar Mgr. Jurij Kosobutsky had blessed the installation of the steeple of the church, in the pseudo-Gothic style typical of many Catholic churches in Belarus and Russia, built at the end of the 19th century, after the deportation of many Poles to the territories of the tsarist empire.

Kosobutsky had led the archdiocese of Minsk during the four months of the exile of the metropolitan, is currently replaced by the apostolic administrator, Bishop Kazimierz Wielikoselec. The reconstruction of churches destroyed by the atheist regime has always been Kondrusiewicz’s main concern, first in Russia and then in Belarus. In recent years he has also made great efforts for the revival not only of buildings, but of all ecclesiastical and educational structures, and initiatives of Catholics in different spheres of society.


Thelma J. Longworth

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