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Prepared for by Juan Diego Nusa Peñalver, Yudy Castro Morales and Milagros Pichardo Perez, published July 13.

“We are here because the streets belong to Fidel, because the streets of Cuba belong to revolutionaries.” This is the sentence we heard the loudest as we walked along several avenues of Havana on Sunday afternoon, July 11, when a whole people came out to defend their Revolution.

PHOTO: Juan Diego nusa Peñalver

We heard it, for example, in front of the Capitol, seat of the National Assembly of People’s Power, and along the Prado to the Malecon seafront. We heard it all the way to Belascoaín, and along Carlos III, where neighbors gathered, waving flags and, above all, ideas.

A woman shouted from her balcony: “Viva la Revolución! and “Viva Cuba Libre!” His voice joined those of many young inhabitants who, in the street below, waved the flag of the July 26 Movement and repeated, louder and louder, more and more clearly: “Fidel, Raúl and Díaz-Canel are here” , “Patria o Muerte, Venceremos” (The homeland or death, we will win).

We heard it with Infanta, from women and men, Cubans of few and many years, all with the same conviction: a country like ours, with so many dreams and more than a few pains. , defends himself tooth and nail, knowing that, like the poet [Fayad Jamís] says: “For this freedom / beautiful as life / we must give everything / if necessary / even the shade / and it will never be enough.”

We heard it from Julio Alejandro Gómez, a blogger who joined the honest claims of those who love and create and took to the streets, “because I’m a revolutionary, and I know it’s manipulation. They want to take advantage of our needs and our problems to apply the same formula of “social unrest” that they have used in other countries, but with Cuba, there are no formulas that work. The Revolution belongs to the people and is defended by the people.

We heard Alberto Bermudez, who lives on Infanta, and in the midst of the din, hummed “I die as I lived” with a group of friends, and, shortly after, it was the notes of the national anthem that ‘they offered.

“Unity and continuity”, others shouted, while Alberto interrupted his song to affirm: “Fidel, they are your people, and the streets belong to the people. The order has been given and we are here. We are going to win, despite COVID-19, despite everything. “

The same sentences, shouted along the way, led our group of journalists to Alfredo Vázquez, provincial secretary of the Federation of Cuban Workers in Havana, who was injured in one of the clashes with the “destabilizers”.

“They hit me hard on the head and I ended up with a seven point gash. But here I am, my flag stained with blood, ready to continue defending the Revolution, because to die for the Fatherland is to live ”, he insisted without slowing down, like Cuba, the land revolutionaries who never let themselves be intimidated.

And there next to the Via Blanca, Faustino Leonard, a resident of the municipality of Cerro, also told us about the day, while the remains of thrown stones were still in the street.

“The quarrel was tough here, but there were more revolutionaries. The saboteurs fled to hide, probably in a cave, as rats usually do. Let no one doubt it, this country belongs to the people and will continue to belong to us.


Thelma J. Longworth

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