“The IIOJK are facing India’s worst state terrorism”

In illegally Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, political pundits and analysts said India had stepped up its state terrorism in the territory to intimidate Kashmiris into submission.

Political pundits and analysts in their interviews and statements in Srinagar said that Kashmiris are caught up in the daily cordons, searches, repression and torture in IIOJK. They said the harsh tactics of the Indian fascist regime led by Narendra Modi against Kashmiris have increased since the abrogation of the territory’s special status on August 5, 2019.

Political pundits and analysts have lamented that Kashmiris are witnessing wanton killings and other brutalities by Indian troops every day. “Kashmiris are arrested and their homes attacked daily in IIOJK. Indian brutalities have turned Kashmir into hell for its people,” they said.

Political pundits and analysts have pointed out that the Modi regime follows Israel’s pattern of repression in the IIOJK. They said several reports compiled by international bodies documented massive human rights violations by Indian troops in the occupied territory.

Narendra Modi must remember that struggles for freedom have never been suppressed by brutal means, they said, adding that undeterred by India’s worst repression, Kashmiris are determined to continue their struggle until hit.

Pundits and political analysts have warned that India’s military approach to the IIOJK endangers not only regional but global peace and security. The international community must not remain deaf to the cries of the Kashmiris and must take notice of the Indian state terrorism in the IIOJK.—KMS

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Thelma J. Longworth