The demonstrators question the legitimacy of the forum on the decision of tribal jurisdiction: “It is one way”

Ahead of a Tuesday night forum on the Supreme Court’s ruling on tribal jurisdiction, protesters gathered around a street corner to counter what they saw as under-representation.

Protesters said the forum was one-sided and they were mostly frustrated with those who weren’t on the panel on Tuesday night.

They questioned the legitimacy of a discussion of tribal jurisdiction where there was no formal tribal representation.

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The protest began with speeches outside the building. Members of the tribal nations believe the Supreme Court decision was a long time coming, but the meeting was an affront to him.

Protesters said they believed the forum was not held in good faith.

For example, Muskogee Nation Senior Chief David Hill said in a statement, “I hope our citizens respect my decision not to attend. But I firmly believe that government officials who wish to undermine sovereignty should not expect us to help them involve it by participating in all the sensational projects they can conjure up. ”

Brenda Golden organized the protest and she echoed the leader.

“It’s one-sided and so we decided, as we discussed among ourselves, that we needed some type of representation to show that we really support the McGirt decision,” she said.

News on 6 asked both sides why there was no tribal representation on the panel.

The governor’s office transmitted an exchange of emails showing that he had invited the tribes to join.

However, the Cherokee Nation said it did not view the emails as a legitimate invitation to be part of the panel and speak up. They thought the invitation was more of an invitation to come and observe.

Thelma J. Longworth

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