Suicide Squad: Revolutionaries Are NOT What They Seem To Be

In Suicide Squad # 4, the Revolutionaries reveal they have a secret mission to wipe out the last mastermind in the DC Universe.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Suicide Squad # 4, by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

In Suicide Squad # 1 Amanda Waller was fired from her role as Task Force X program leader. In her place, Lok, who has military leanings, has become the new man in charge of the team. While Lok doesn’t have Waller’s kindness – and that means something – he’s actually not really the one in control. He may be the one in command of the Suicide Squad, but there is someone else behind him – someone whose identity is being kept under wraps, for now.

Lok’s first order of business was to increase the number of Suicide Squad by adding a whole new team of recruits to the roster. This team is known as the Revolutionaries, an international crew of freedom fighters / terrorists. After an initial bloody confrontation with the squad, the revolutionaries were officially indoctrinated into Task Force X. Since then, they have been forced to follow Lok’s orders. But in reality, revolutionaries are not what they appear to be. And in Suicide Squad # 4, we learn that their real mission is to eliminate Task Force X … from within.

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Suicide Squad the Resistance

In the latest issue of the series, the new Suicide Squad team is dispatched to Australia, where they are tasked with defeating Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang. As Harley, Deadshot, and the Revolutionaries are on their way, the team eventually reach a dead zone devoid of any radio signal or surveillance in the middle of the outback. There, Harley Quinn lobbies for the truth about revolutionaries after discovering that her longtime teammate Floyd Lawton made some sort of deal with Osita, the revolutionary leader.

With her patience running out, Osita reveals the whole truth to Harley. She tells Harley the real reason Revolutionaries were trained and why they were recruited to become members of the Suicide Squad.

It all started with Osita. Before becoming an international freedom fighter, Osita was in the military. She was experienced and transformed into a super-soldier, along with her partner and wife, Tonia. As part of a new secret force, they were, at one point, tasked with assisting the Suicide Squad on a mission – albeit from a distance. However, during the mission, Tonia was accidentally killed by one of Harkness’s stray boomerangs.

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Suicide Squad Boomerang Victim

Feeling lost and betrayed by her government, Osita made it her mission to learn all she could about Task Force X. She followed them on their missions and recruited others who had been affected by the squad’s wake to its cause.

Therefore, revolutionaries were in fact created in direct response to the Suicide Squad. Also, the incident that saw the team of freedom fighters attack a submarine in the first issue of the series was not an accident at all. In fact, it was a coordinated plan to get recruited into the Suicide Squad program. And it worked like a charm. The only thing they hadn’t planned on was losing so many friends along the way.

The revolutionaries’ mission is simple: they are after Lok, because he killed their friends. However, they also aim to go further than that, to whoever pulls the strings, and to cut off the head of the program.

However, what this means for Harley and Deadshot is not entirely clear. So far, revolutionaries have spared their lives. Plus, it seems they even managed to get them on their side. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – after all, Harley and Floyd have both been members of the Suicide Squad for years. And with Waller’s departure, they might realize it’s time for them to get out – before it’s too late.

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