State terrorism in IIOK


The rebellion against Indian rule over Kashmir is neither new nor surprising. Equally familiar is the brutality of the state’s response. In another mock anti-militant operation, Indian security forces killed Dr Saifullah Mir, head of Hizbul Mujahideen, in the Rangreth neighborhood of Srinagar on Sunday. Illegally Occupied Indian Kashmir (IIOK) Police Chief considers Dr Mir’s murder a great victory. However, his statement does not reflect the reality on the ground. If killing individuals was a solution to uprooting the longing for freedom, the struggle of the Kashmiris would have long been dead.

Fake encounters like the one in which Dr. Mir embraced martyrdom will only fan the flames of the movement for independence. The clashes between the security forces and the young people of the valley tell us that the younger generations now also believe in the effectiveness of the militant struggle. It is up to India not to leave the choice to the natives of Kashmir; that they must fight for what is already theirs. India will indeed react with further repressive measures in the future to avoid such protests. But no power has ever succeeded in preventing people from dreaming of freedom and fighting against illegal occupations.

The boldness with which India is trying to deal with IIOK only makes matters worse for it. India’s brutal crackdown and oppression in illegally occupied Kashmir means New Delhi is digging its own grave deeper. The impunity with which India acts in Kashmir alienates not only the locals, but the cruelty with which India tries to gag the Kashmiris’ desire for a free Kashmir also presents India’s worst face to the international community. . It is an open secret that Indian forces are using the pandemic as a smokescreen to kill popular leaders in bogus encounters. World powers must take note of these so-called shootings which are brutal displays of state terrorism.


Thelma J. Longworth

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