Solidarity with revolutionaries in Syria

Bashar al-Assad attacks some of the last opponents of his regime (Pic: Wikicommons /

Socialists in Syria warn that the regime of leader Bashar al-Assad is trying to crush the last centers of revolutionary resistance.

The statement from the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria statement says: “The criminal regime is working to turn Daraa, the cradle of the revolution, into a cemetery. “

In March 2011, the secret police arrested a group of 15 students who had spray painted “The people want to bring down the regime” on a wall. It was the slogan of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions that the Syrians had seen on their television screens.

Al-Assad and his forces were terrified they would also be overthrown.

The students were tortured and their fingernails pulled out. The shock and anger over such barbarism helped spark a national uprising.


Ten years after the start of the revolution, the government ruthlessly destroyed almost all the committees created by ordinary people to take over the management of their regions.

But, the statement said, “Despite the decline of the popular movement and its defeat in general, parts of the Daraa and Houran regions remained resistant to the forces of the regime and its allies as well as to other counterrevolutionary forces.”

It is a reference to how people had to fight the regime and its allies. In particular the Russian and Iranian forces, but also in certain places Isis and al-Qaeda.

The statement says, “The spirit of popular resistance and the goals of the popular revolution have remained alive and enduring.

“But the junta regime, built on the idea of ​​humiliating and crushing the people, could not tolerate the survival of this resistance.

“He believes that crushing it will crush the last hope of the Syrian people for their liberation, and thus complete their victory over the rebel masses.”

The regime took military control of the Daraa governorate province in 2018, but in some areas its hold is contested.

The latest challenge to the regime concerned those who refused to participate in the mock presidential elections in May this year.

How the Syrian revolution was lost
How the Syrian revolution was lost

Some 50,000 people in the Daraa al-Balad area were subjected to fierce bombardment. And defeating the resistance is not just about ending the hope of overthrowing al-Assad.

The statement said, “The end of popular resistance in Daraa is an economic need for the regime, Jordan and other countries. It is a necessity for the Zionist state [Israel], who prefers the regime to control its southern regions rather than control by a popular movement that is hostile to it.

“The regime has for decades been the best security guard of the Zionist state. “

At one point there were negotiations between the regime and the local committees of Daraa. But, “for months, the junta regime has violated all the agreements it has made with the resistance masses in Daraa, under Russian supervision.

“These days it’s tightening the noose around our people. It demands that they surrender completely or leave the Turkish occupation zones and the terrorist Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib.

“The forces of the left and of freedom in our country and in the world must stand in solidarity with our people in Daraa, who defend their land, their freedom and their dignity. “

There is now talk of an agreement between the regime and some of the committees of Daraa. This would allow the government to disarm people and search homes at will.

But the declaration of the Socialists ends without compromise.

“Greetings to our comrades of the steadfast revolutionary left movement in Daraa. A salute to the masses of our heroic resistance

“No to the displacement of our people from Daraa. No to the transformation of Daraa into a concentration camp. Freedom for the popular masses in Daraa and in all regions of our country. Long live international solidarity!

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