Sindh freedom fighter’s death anniversary goes unnoticed


Sindh people sing ‘Marsoon, Marsoon Sindh Na Deson [I would die before giving up Sindh]’but few remember the man who invented the slogan and gave his life fighting against British rule. The anniversary of the death of Hosh Mohammad Sheedi, aka Hoshu Sheedi, quietly passed on March 24 unnoticed and trivialized.

Sheedi was a general in the Talpur Army and fought the British Army led by Sir Charles Napier on the Dabbo battlefield near Hyderabad. He was killed on March 24, 1843 after having preferred to fight rather than surrender.
Hosho was from the Sheedi family, who were of African descent, and his father was a household employee of the Sindh-era ruler, Mir Fateh Mohammad Talpur. “After the conquest of Khairpur Mir fort by the British army, many residents of Hyderabad suggested surrender, but Hosh Mohammad Sheedi refused. With limited troops he fought vigorously against the British, ”said writer Zulfikar Qadri, adding that during the fight he chanted this slogan, which is still famous in every nook and cranny of Sindh.

Dr Mohammad Ali Thalo, who worked on war diaries written by British soldiers, said the soldiers appreciated Talpur’s army and called Hoshu a lion. “They were healthy, tall and fought like lions in Sindh,” Thalo said, referring to one of the diaries he received from a British museum, adding that Sir Napier himself appreciated Sheedi’s courage and had buried him with military honors near Hyderabad.

After the hype of carving out a new province from Sindh, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also began chanting this slogan and once visited the grave of freedom fighter Sindhi. . But since then, no one has remembered Sheedi, and no one from Sindhi nationalists to Bilawal has said a single word on his death anniversary.

“Hoshu was a true hero of Sindh and his charisma is still alive, the government and civil society should at least have paid tribute to him,” said Qadri.

Thelma J. Longworth

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