“Russian state terrorism must be stopped to restore peace in Europe” – EURACTIV.com

The missile attack on the Kremenchuk shopping center is another example of state terrorism, and the world must regard Russia as a terrorist state, writes Roman Rukomeda.

Roman Rukomeda is a Ukrainian political analyst. This is her 56th account of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Today is the 124th day of Russia’s massive military aggression against Ukraine. The Russians committed new acts of mass terrorism against civilian Ukrainians by firing two missiles at the largest shopping center in the city of Kremenchuk while more than 1,000 civilians were there. The number of victims is enormous.

The Russians also continue to shell civilian blocks in Kharkiv, where they killed three people and injured more than 15 people. The world must recognize Russia as a terrorist state.

Food terrorism continues to be one of the focal points of Russian action. Stealing and stealing everything in the occupied Ukrainian territories, especially cereals and agricultural products, while accusing Ukraine of blocking food exports.

At the same time, the Russians blocked all seaports in Ukraine and heavily mined the Black Sea along the Ukrainian coast and the mouth of the Dnieper. Instead of militarily unblocking the Black Sea for the safety of all countries that have a coast there, some are trying to negotiate with Russia for the sale of stolen Ukrainian grain.

However, the past week has been a successful one as Ukraine finally gets EU candidate status. This symbolic victory is important for Ukraine and our people because it signals that Ukraine is part of the civilized world and of a large European family despite all previous efforts and current Russian aggression.

Ukrainian society is ready to follow the path of reforms towards EU membership and wishes to do so quickly and dynamically. The current Ukrainian authorities also announce that they are ready to do so at all levels. Society and civil activists in Ukraine will no longer allow the authorities to imitate reforms, turn a blind eye to corruption or deal with the oligarchs.

Another very important message that we have recently received from the G-7 countries is that Ukraine will not be left alone in this long drawn out war, as there is a clear understanding that Russia will try to use the “fatigue of war” to reduce Ukraine’s military, financial and political support.

That is why Ukrainians are very optimistic about hearing NATO’s messages later this week. We also have a feeling that Ukraine will receive more weapons to stop Russian attacks and then push them back to Ukraine’s borders.

The Russian greeting at the start of the G-7 summit was a massive rocket attack on Ukraine, one of the largest in recent months. A few days ago they launched more than 60 rockets from different directions at Kyiv, Zhytomyr and other places in Ukraine.

Some of the missiles were intercepted, especially on the way to Kyiv, but some, unfortunately, hit civilian homes. In Kyiv, they destroyed a multi-storey building killing the inhabitants of the upper floors. One of the rockets destroyed the neighboring kindergarten. Even today we heard several times the sirens warning of an air attack and had to take cover from possible air attacks every 2-3 hours. You never know if you’ll live to see another day. This is the reality in which we live.

There is also a worrying situation with Belarus and its self-proclaimed dictator Lukashenko. These days he will meet Putin, and there is a risk that he is preparing his army for an attack on Ukraine. Another significant risk is that some of the Belarusian armed or special forces could be used to launch attacks against Lithuania.

The situation on the front remains complicated. Russian terrorists had minor success in their attacks on the East under heavy artillery and MLRS fire. They finally captured the small town of Severodonetsk, and 90% of the town was destroyed. Russian progress in the East remains very weak due to the active Ukrainian defense, and there are no great expectations for Russian military successes there.

In southern Ukraine, the situation is improving as the Ukrainian army slowly recovers its territories by closing in on Kherson. Ukrainian guerrilla fighters began to chase the Russian invaders through the bustling towns and villages of southern Ukraine.

Southern Ukrainians, especially the occupied territories, publicly demonstrate that they remain loyal to Ukraine and are ready to risk their lives to neutralize more and more Russian aggressors. There is no massive loyalty to the Russian aggressors, which comes as a big surprise to Putin as this region of Ukraine once had pro-Russian sympathies, but that is no longer the case.

The current character of the war can be described as the fight between artillery and aviation with episodic ground attacks with tanks and heavy infantry.

These heavy rocket attacks on Ukraine give the impression that Putin and Russia are short of resources despite their optimistic public announcements. Their intention to engage the small Belarusian army in the war against Ukraine or even against Lithuania proves that Putin does not have enough human and technological resources for other active military campaigns, even in Ukraine.

However, Ukraine and its people must not only survive until victory, but make the most of it. All help from foreign partners of Ukraine is highly appreciated and appreciated. Together we must stop the violence and madness that the new Russian fascism has unleashed in Europe and punish all those who are guilty of it.

Thelma J. Longworth