Randeep Hooda shares first look at freedom fighter Veer Savarkar’s biopic

To honor Vinayak freedom fighter Damodar Savarkar and show his glorious life, a film titled “Swatantra Veer Savarkar” is being made by Mahesh Manjrekar. Randeep Hooda leads the biopic as he plays Vinayak freedom fighter Damodar Savarkar.

On his birthday, Hooda is sharing the first look, along with a short video, of his upcoming movie.

Taking to his social media handles, Randeep shared a poster for the movie, which shows him as Savarkar in a sepia look, complete with Savarkar’s cap, round-rimmed glasses and a mustache. The actor wrote in the caption, “This is a tribute to one of the greatest unsung heroes of India’s struggle for freedom and self-realization. I hope I can rise to the challenge of fulfilling such great shoes from a true revolutionary and tell his true story that has been swept under the rug for so long.

According to sources, in March, when the film was announced, Randeep spoke about the project with Mid-Day and said, “There are a lot of heroes who have played their part in giving us our independence. However, not everyone got their due. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is the most misunderstood, most debated and most influential among these unsung heroes. The film does not yet have an official release date.

Before that, in 2001, a movie was released titled “Vir Savarkar” in Hindi about the life of freedom fighter Veer Savarkar. This version was released in DVD format and was produced by Savarkar Darshan Prathisthan under the chairmanship of Sudhir Phadke. According to Rediff reports, it was the world’s first film funded by public donations. Shailendra Gaur voiced the role of Veer Savarkar in the film.

May 28 is celebrated as Veer Savarkar Jayanti all over India. It is celebrated in commemoration of Vinayak Damodar “Veer” Savarkar who was also known as one of the Indian freedom fighters. Savarkar is known to carry out multiple activities for the development of the Hindu community across the country.

The great Marathi legend pleaded for the abolition of the caste system and demanded the reconversion of Hindus who accepted other religions. Several programs are held on his birthday across Maharashtra remembering the incidents of his life to honor him in a grand way. Savarkar is known to have coined the term ‘Hindutva’.

Every year, Veer Savarkar Jayanti is observed with great aplomb by stern Hindus across India. People offer their respect to this great founder of Hindutva by holding him in high esteem. Ultimately, it’s because serving the need of the hour, expecting nothing in return, keeps Savarkar above the rest.

Thelma J. Longworth