R Madhavan to play freedom fighter Chempakaraman Pillai

After the great success of Nambi Narayanan’s biopic Rocket: The Nambi EffectR Madhavan is ready to do another biopic. In his upcoming titled Jai Hind, he will try out for the role of freedom fighter Chempakaraman Pillai – the man who coined the slogan Jai Hind.

R Madhavan will play Chempakaraman Pillai in his biopic

The film will be produced by Riju Bajaj – who thinks most of us use the tagline quite often in our lives but we don’t know the man behind it. The slogan is widely used in India.

Pillai coined the slogan Jai Hind in 1907, which was adopted as the slogan of the Indian National Army in the 1940s at the suggestion of Abid Hasan. After Indian independence, it became a national slogan.

“It’s a new angle. We’re all lifted up by what Gandhi iNehru i, Bhagat Singh, etc. But we have never heard of heroes who were not in India and who were fighting the battle from outside India and yet had an impact on the freedom struggle here,” he said. declared.

Additionally, Bajaj has confirmed that R Madhavan will be playing the lead role in the biopic. He said when he approached the actor, he was all excited. “Madhavan himself is a Tamilian…I just called him and he was so excited and he looked like he was waiting for this role to come to him. We then met him and he said yes.”

Learn more about Chempakaraman Pillai

Born into a Tamil family, Chempakaraman Pillai attended ETH Zurich from October 1910 to 1914. He studied engineering there. After the First World War, he founded the International Pro-Indian Committee in Zürich. Later, he merged it with the Berlin Committee, which became the directing and controlling institution of all pro-Indian revolutionary activities in Europe.

The brave freedom fighter is known for daring to demand a written apology from Adolf Hitler for his derogatory comments about Indians during this time.

Bajaj said that since Chempakaraman had no children, his legacy remains the story remains unknown. “Unfortunately he didn’t have anyone who could have taken the lead. It’s such a sad story that we didn’t know,” he said.

Directed by Rajesh Touchriver, the film will be released in English, Tamil and Hindi, among other languages.

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Thelma J. Longworth