Pseudo-revolutionaries like Siphiwe Nyanda only joined the ANC to steal the state

By Aluwani Chokoe

In the context of the dilemmas that the ANC faces as a (liberation) movement, it is a non-profit organization whose character depends on funding for its functioning.

It has become a flagship political formation funded by driving forces, which we can never remove from the fabric of South Africa’s liberation struggle against the fascist apartheid regime.

Formed as a tool of liberation and an effective vehicle for the total emancipation of the South African people, the ANC finds itself in a protracted battle against the challenges it currently faces, in particular corruption.

Separately, the neglect of cadre politics explains the lion’s share of the weaknesses and challenges the movement has faced since the advent of democratic dispensation.

This follows the recent report revealing how General Siphiwe Nyanda irregularly received R95 million from Transnet without consequences.

The 2007 strategy and tactics paper preludes that the ANC should appreciate the critical importance of political power as an instrument to tackle the evils of colonialism. He should negotiate and preside over the myriad issues of the exercise of power in a way that ensures future survival as a principled leader of fundamental change, who is respected and cherished by the masses for what he stands for and how he stands. behaves in practice.

Pseudo-revolutionaries like Nyanda soberly and voluntarily signed ANC membership forms, swearing it was for no material benefit or personal gain, but they both directly stole the land (the State) that the ANC uses to advance the national democratic revolution, and donors supporting the ANC.

The premise of my argument stems from the defamation of Geoff Makhubo, who, in his mandate as regional treasurer of the ANC, raised funds for the operation and benefit of the party; from office administration, staff costs (allowances) to security and general office management.

We find ourselves at daggers drawn when people like Nyanda own our struggles for personal gain and remain unassailable.

In fact, many known criminals continue to enjoy the good reputation of the ANC and actively participate in the transformation of the ANC into an organization devoid of moral authority.

Perhaps then, the ideological betrayal (inadvertently) occurs because the criteria for representatives or elected officials in conferences do not include scrutiny of those who seek to represent the people. We unwittingly indulge ourselves in the hands of crooks posing as ANC comrades.

Notably, the 53rd National Conference of the ANC recognized the need to enter a second more radical phase of the national democratic revolution towards the realization of the envisaged national democratic society, through the implementation of programs to achieve a transformation radical socio-economic in a scarce resource-environment.

In view of this, the ANC is using the election challenge as a means to advance the national democratic revolution.

In local government bodies, an elected regional treasurer, custodian of ANC funds and assets at the regional level, is responsible for fundraising, receiving and banking all money on behalf of the regional executive committee. .

The funds are further, among other things, used to fuel campaign mechanisms in efforts to win local elections, which we see as the nerve center of service delivery, socio-economic development and the conduct of our efforts. to build a truly democratic, integrated, prosperous, non-sexist and non-racial society.

ANC members as children of Africa’s determination to achieve and enjoy human dignity, freedom and national independence should, until new ways to win money for the ANC were conceived, to seriously fight the defamation of fundraisers (elected / appointed).

Alwani Chokoe is a journalist and activist. She played an important role in the Fees Must Fall campaign.

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