Portraits of American Revolutionaries | Block Island Time

Block Island School teacher Kathleen Hemingway teaches her fifth grade class about the American Revolution at Block Island School. The American Revolutionary War was fought between 1775 and 1783 by colonists seeking independence from Britain.

“Fifth graders worked very hard on our American Revolution unit last month and created bio-poems about someone who played a role in the war. Below are bio-poems they created about someone involved in the Revolutionary War that they researched,” Hemingway said.

Here are the poems of the fifth graders. Each poem begins with information about the settlers they write about. —Rosemary Connelli

Mary Ludwig

Wife of William Hays, who fought at the Battle of Monmouth

Resident of Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Who believes the settlers can win the war

Who needs more water to give to soldiers, protective gear so she doesn’t get shot while she’s giving water on the battlefield, shorts, a t- shirt and sunscreen because it was hot

Who feels devastated when her husband collapses during battle so she takes control of his cannon

Who cries when the settlers die

Who laughs when the settlers win the war

Who wants freedom for the world

Who thinks others are grateful for his work in refreshing soldiers during battle

who loves his family

Who is known as Molly Pitcher

—Esthreya Perez Santana

george washington

Son of Augustine and Mary Washington Brother of Lawrence Washington, who left him Mount Vernon

Resident of Westmoreland County, Virginia

Who believes in the freedom of the British

Who needs non-wooden dentures

Who doesn’t feel so confident in the war against the British because they had fewer soldiers and supplies

Who cries when he tells how his father died when he was young

Who is happy to talk to his children, before they die

Who wants freedom for the world

Who thinks the UK government is greedy

Who loves his wife Martha Dandrige Custis

His nickname is Commander and Chief

—Mason Miro

Marquis de Lafayette

Relative of a Colonel who served in the 7 Years War, who died while serving

Resident of Chavaniac, France

Who believes in the American cause of freedom for the colonies, and freedom for France

Who needs the respect of soldiers and fellow officers

Who feels passionate about the American cause of freedom

Who cries when defeated in battle

Who laughs when freedom comes to America

Who wants for the world equality for all

Who thinks that others are not inferior but equal

Who loves Adrienne de Lafayette, his wife

Whose nickname is Hero of Two Worlds

—Zack Hobe

Abigail Adams

Wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy

Massachusetts resident

Who believes in women’s rights

Who needs help around the house and with the kids, more money to help on the farm and more time to process thoughts and ideas about women’s rights

Who feels angry, because she has no help with her children or her farm, and because people don’t take her seriously

Who cries when her husband doesn’t support women’s rights and when her husband is dying

Who is happy when there are equal rights between men and women

Who wants for global fairness

Who thinks others should have the same benefits

Who loves John Adams

— Abigail Willi

John Adams

Son of John Adams Sr. and Susanna Adams

Resident of Braintree, Massachusetts

Who believes he believed in freedom for the 13 colonies

Who needs settlers to believe in his writings which do not agree with the laws made by the British.

Who feels happy writing the Declaration of Independence

Who cries when he had to leave his wife and six children to fight in the war of independence

Who is happy when he marries his wife

Who wants freedom for the world

Who thinks others who support the British are choosing the wrong side.

Who loves his wife Abigail Smith and his six children.

Who is one of the founding fathers

—Jillian Licari

george washington

Son of Augustine and Mary Washington.

Resident of Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Who believes that the future of the nation lies in the colonization of the West.

Who needs a nation to rally to the revolution,

Who believes that all slaves should be granted their freedom.

Who mourns his young daughter Patsy who has passed away.

Who laughs when he’s horseback riding, fishing and fox hunting in Mount Vernon.

Who wants the world to cherish union and avoid partisanship and permanent foreign alliances.

Who thinks others are equal and valuable.

Who loves Mount Vernon.

Who was called the first president of the United States and was called GW.

—Zane Turner

crispus attack

Son of Nancy Attucks, a Natik Indian, and Prince Yonger, a slave

Boston resident

Who believes in the freedom of the British

Who needs to step aside and should have had a gun to defend themselves during the Boston Massacre

Who’s Afraid of Being Forced to Join the British Navy Because They’re a Sailor

Who cries when he thinks of slavery as a whole

Who is happy when he escapes slavery

Who wants for the world that everyone has freedom.

Who thinks others should help in the fight against the British so they can have their independence.

Who loves his crew

Crispus the Martyr

—Akie Fontanille

george washington

Son of Augustine and Mary Washington

Resident of Westmoreland County, Virginia

Who believes in its colonies and their rights to become a country

Who needs men to fight in the Continental Army

Who feels thrilled that their life purpose of helping build a nation has been achieved

Who cries when he loses his parents, his brother and his adopted child

Who is happy when his victories in war are announced and when he lives and works in Mount Vernon

Who wants the world to get rid of slavery

Who thinks the people by his side in the army are important and brave

Who loves Martha, his wife

Who is known as the first president of the United States

— Anonymous

benjamin franklin

Father of William who opposed the Patriot cause

Resident of Massachusetts, London, France and Philadelphia

Who believes in independence from England

Who needs supporters for the patriot cause

Who feels mad at his own loyalist son

Who cries when his brother beats him and refuses to publish his writings when he was younger

Who is happy when he writes

Who wants the world to work together

Who thinks others should learn from his scientific and political information

who likes to learn

Pseudonym Mrs. Silence Dogood

— Anonymous

Thelma J. Longworth