Philippines: US Lists Revolutionaries as ‘Foreign Terrorist Organizations’

Red fighters of the New People’s Army.

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

Condemn the American intervention on the re-inclusion of the CPP and the NPA in the US-FTO

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the US government for its political and military intervention in the country’s national affairs following the recent reinstatement of the CPP and the New People’s Army (NPA) on the list of so-called “foreign terrorists”. “. organizations” maintained by the US State Department.

The reinstatement of the CPP and NPA, along with other Moro and national Islamic groups, was made in a July 6 resolution signed by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and published in the US Federal Register yesterday.

We denounce the United States for the “terrorist labeling” of the CPP and the NPA. This is baseless and only serves his thirst for war. Far from being “terrorists,” the CPP and NPA are revolutionary organizations that advance the cause of democracy and national freedom, and work to lead the Filipino people in the struggle to free themselves from the clutches of the American imperialism.

The US government included the CPP and NPA in its so-called FTO list to pressure the Philippine government against conducting peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). In October 2017, then-US President Trump personally conveyed the message to former President Duterte, who a few weeks later issued a proclamation ending the NDFP-GRP peace negotiations and declaring the CPP and the NPA as terrorists. On the advice of the United States, officials of the newly installed Marcos regime have already declared that he will not resume NDFP-GRP peace negotiations.

The United States opposes the NDFP-GRP peace negotiations because it wants the armed suppression of patriotic and democratic forces that oppose American intervention and domination. The US government is also pushing for the so-called “localized peace talks” to wage an all-out war of pacification to allow the unimpeded entry of US multinationals who aim to control approximately 300,000 hectares of plantation land and areas. mines in Mindanao.

The US imperialists also want a perpetual war in the Philippines to ensure a stable market for US bombs, fighter jets, artillery, guns and bullets. To offload excess military supplies, the United States pushed the Philippine military and government into a costly and brutal aerial bombing campaign in counter-guerrilla operations.

The US inclusion of the CPP and NPA in its FTO list is used to justify the deployment of US military forces in the Philippines.

Since 2017, an unknown number of American soldiers have been operating in the Philippines as part of Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines (OPEC). Many of them are based at US facilities inside Camp Navarro in Zamboanga, as well as other military camps across the country. They are protected and enjoy extraterritorial rights under the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and other unequal military agreements.

US military forces advise, train and join the AFP in conducting counter-guerrilla operations, including the operation of surveillance drones in the country. The United States is known to conduct its own aerial surveillance in the country’s sovereign airspace.

The US “FTO” list is used to justify the extension of military aid to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The United States is feeding the corrupt generals of the AFP and the security establishment with millions of pesos in bribes from the so-called “modernization” program.

Experts have denounced the US list of “foreign terrorist organizations” as arbitrary and without legal basis under international law. While the United States labels revolutionary organizations such as the CPP/NPA as “terrorists”, it does not apply the same label to fascist groups such as the infamous Azov Battalion in Ukraine as the United States does. , help to arm and train.

The CPP asks the American government to stop its political and military intervention in the country. The Party denounces the Philippine government for allowing the United States to trample on the country’s sovereignty and for bowing to American dictates.

We urge the American people to call upon the United States government to stop interfering in the internal affairs of the Philippines and to stop supplying bombs, fighter jets and other weapons used by the Philippine military and police against the Filipino people under the Marcos regime. Human rights abuses perpetrated by the AFP and the PNP during US-backed counter-guerrilla operations are commonplace.

The American people can demand the revocation of the so-called FTO list which is used as an instrument of intervention in the Philippines and around the world.

Thelma J. Longworth