Our people must establish Hindu-Muslim unity

“The government mentioned that Sh. Ashfaqullah Khan is Ram Prasad’s right-hand man. If a devoted Muslim like Ashfaq could be Arya Samaji’s right-hand man like Ram Prasad in the revolutionary movement, then why can’t other Hindus and Muslims unite by forgetting their small interests? Ashfaq is the first of these Muslims, who is executed in connection with the Revolutionary Party of Bengal. God listened to my prayer. My task is finished. I showed Hindustan by getting a young Muslim for sacrifice that young Muslims can also sacrifice their lives for the country with even more enthusiasm than young Hindus and he passed all the tests. Now no one will dare to say that Muslims should not be trusted. It was the first successful experiment.

“Achfaq! May God give peace to your soul. You saved the honor of mine and all Muslims and also showed that like in Turkey and Egypt, such young Muslims can also be found in India.

Now my only request to the countrymen is that if they had even an iota of grief when we died, then by whatever means they must establish Hindu-Muslim unity; it was our last wish and it can only be our memorial. All religions and all parties should see Congress as a representative. So the day is not far off when the British must bow to the Indians.

“Whatever I say, this is the opinion of Sh. Ashfaqullah Khan Warsi. When it came time to appeal, I had spoken to him in Lucknow; Ashfaq disagreed with asking for a pardon. At my insistence alone, he had done so.

“I even told the government that until they are ready to trust me, they can keep me in prison or exile in another country and not allow me to go back to India. But what should the government do? The government only wanted to hang us, to sprinkle salt on the raw wounds of the Hindustani, to make them writhe in pain. Some things can balance out and by the time we are reborn and prepare to work, the condition of the country should have improved.

“Now my clear advice is that no one should make a statement in UK courts or make a defense. One of the reasons to appeal was to have the execution date postponed and see the strength of the youth’s aid and compatriots! I was really disappointed about that. I had thought of escaping from prison, if that had happened, the death sentences of the other three would have also been remitted. If the government had not had it. not done, I would have done it. I was very familiar with his methods. I did my best to escape from prison, but received no outside help. No young people came to me. ‘to help. My request to young people is that until many people are educated; don’t pay attention to secret organizations. If they have the desire to serve the country, they must work openly. Just by listening to empty rhetoric and picturing themselves green pastures, they shouldn’t be putting their lives in danger. There is no time for secret work yet. We had a lot of experiences during this trial, but the government gave us no opportunity to take advantage of it. But the Indian and British governments will regret it.

“At the time of the interview, he also said that ‘revolutionaries lack courage and people do not yet have sympathy for them and they have a lot of regionalism among them. They do not fully trust each other, so because of this, their desires remained suppressed. I was offered five thousand rupees and promised to be sent to England to join the bar, just on verbal assurance; but i treated it like a deep sin and i didn’t pay attention. But unfortunately, many trusted and selfless comrades deceived the party for their personal comfort and behaved treacherously with us ”.

The above piece was signed “Vidrohi”, the fictitious name Bhagat Singh used to write most of his articles. He also used other fictitious names.

Thelma J. Longworth

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