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For all its flaws, Twitter sometimes provides gems of information that would otherwise go missing. So the news that Los Angeles rock group Rage Against The Machine (known for its “anti-authoritarian and revolutionary leftist political views,” according to Wikipedia) is imposing vaccination warrants at concerts. So, after Big Brother has forced Big Pharma’s experimental products into all members, comrades, it’s back to the barricades! This is a political posture as a mere branding, a laughable hypocrisy, which must be dispensed with if it becomes embarrassing.

The hippie-inspired rebellion of the late ’60s seems to have come full circle, with today’s leftists crumbling in their rush to impose draconian restrictions on society, all for our own good, of course. From fucking the establishment and free-spirited counterculture as the dominant hippie creed, now it’s obey the establishment, hide and do as you are told. Shady and glamorous’ 60s fashion dissenters, who then basked in what Tom Wolfe called “radical chic,” are now Danistan’s pale technocrats and public health chiefs, embracing the occasional unthinkable tyrannies in those more innocent times.

The writer Barbara Amiel, in her delicious memoirs Friends and enemies, wrote that there are two types of people: those who want to control the lives of others and those who don’t. Scratching a left winger, finding an authoritarian, has been a long-standing conservative trope, although in their moral self-righteousness the left have long believed that tyranny was the exclusive domain of the right. But even the Atlantic magazine, recently labeled the Home Journal of America’s Globalists, noticed the elephant in the room, hilariously posting an article titled “Experts Have Somewhat Forgotten Left-wing Authoritarians” with the Kicker “Many psychologists have speculated mistakenly that coercive attitudes exist only among conservatives “. (Which tells you a lot about the wisdom of psychologists, by the way).

And indeed, how could they ignore today’s growing left-wing authoritarianism? With the ascendancy of the left in the Culture Wars, controlling many international and power machines in the United States and much of Europe, they are turning the screws in ways that were previously unimaginable outside of the United States. former Soviet bloc. (This may explain why it was Polish MPs who recently protested against human rights violations in Australia).

Here in Australia we have Dan’s politicized police force, bowing to some protesters but ravaging others, and the vaccine passports, lockdown sagas and petty tyrannies involved in his rigors Covid-19 marathon, such as long-standing fishing and golf bans, in tune with the ban on children’s play areas. In the United States, there is the treacherous complicity of the intelligence community in the Russian hoax against Donald Trump, the hunt down and imprisonment of anyone found inside the United States Capitol building on January 6, the misrepresentation ridiculous of this single manifestation of Trump supporters as an ‘insurgency’, the recent rebranding of the US Department of Justice of worried parents at school board meetings as national terrorists – all are examples of widespread authoritarianism by left. In this new world, not quite the New World Order yet, it’s not the principle that matters, as Andrew Bolt likes to say, but the side. And one side can get away with anything, even pretending to be fiery revolutionaries when the real concern is making money with bums in seats.

In this environment, it was no surprise to learn last week that trust in the US media has dropped four points in a Gallup poll this year, with just 36% trusting what they saw reported. in the mass media. This is the second lowest on record and down from 53% in 1997. Given the declared anti-Trump partisanship of the New York Times, CNN and Washington post, that 36% probably agree with the bias.

Vaccine news takes political partisanship to even higher heights, with splits between friendships and shattered communities with and without vaxx; I know a family where two siblings have diametrically opposed positions on Covid vaccines, and each is enraged that the other is being brainwashed. Much of your opinion on these matters will be governed by what news you choose, with mainstream media touting a strong pro-vaxx, pro-restriction line and social media censoring some vaccine data as “disinformation.”

In this climate of mistrust and suspicion, with an unprecedented excess of government in our daily life, I am fascinated to see a kind of samizdat, an underground vine that like-minded people use to share illicit information of all kinds, such as how to buy ivermectin, recently put out of reach by Australia’s TGA ban. There are email channels that share news, discuss websites and social media accounts to follow to stay on top of scientific issues, even thoughts on how to cross state borders. A beach encounter with strangers was typical of late, with Covid casually surfacing as the subject, people quietly hesitating as they said they might have a different opinion, and then it turned into a full alliance over coffee. a few minutes later.

There’s a lot of talk about censorship and media control these days, and yes, that’s damnable. But alas for the authoritarians, it is no longer the perfect mastery of information. In the pre-internet era, narratives were much easier to craft and control – only a few had access to public chairs of any kind, and by extension, almost everyone relied on. the same data to inform their opinions.

Long ago, as a city hall reporter for the Age newspaper, a desperate Melbourne CBD jeweler begged me to publish an article about his problem. He was twice my age, with a lot of skin in the game, and yet I had all the power; he had no voice without me. This wrong has now been corrected. He could now go directly to Twitter or any other website to get his information before anyone else. Former CIA Analyst Martin Gurri Was Right In His Book Public revolt, that the elites no longer control the flow of information and that they live in constant fear of being defeated, hence the exaggerated repression.

Long live all those wonderfully human news networks and channels, even if they spread as much disinformation as they do truth. It is a far better situation than the total obscurity of censorship and control.


Thelma J. Longworth