Nujaba Voices supports revolutionaries in Bahrain

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq has expressed its support for the Bahraini people on the anniversary of their uprising.

On the 11th anniversary of Bahrain’s popular revolution against the oppressive Al Khalifah regime, the al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq issued a statement criticizing international human rights organizations that forgotten the popular uprising: “We feel the blood of the martyrs of Bahrain, the tears of the widows who rise like palm trees, and the resistance of the prisoners in prison and under the torture of the oppressors, a feeling of pride, of hope , patience and trust in Almighty God.

The statement summarized the brutal and criminal acts of the ruling regime in Bahrain, from the suppression of freedoms to the massacre, trials, intimidation of innocent families, deprivation of citizenship, establishment of martial law and the violation of human values, stating, “We in the Islamic Resistance believe that the silence of responsible international organizations, as well as the indifference of countries that base the discourse of democracy and freedom on the crimes of this regime, confirms our conviction that the conscience of these institutions and governments is blind and shows that it sees nothing but its interests with a unilateral vision.

The Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement described the Bahraini people as the pioneer of the oppressed people who struggle for freedom and the realization of justice, security and peace and stressed that the movement stands by the will of the people. Bahraini brothers, saying: “There is not a day when we do not see the image of the martyrs and veterans of this patient nation, as well as the courageous resistance of the revolutionaries, prisoners and faithful women of Bahrain .

At the end of the statement, al-Nujaba said, “We will not abandon our battleground and media support for the brother nation of Bahrain for a single day, and we will rush to support them in every way possible until until this criminal tyrannical regime is overthrown. and judged and the demands of the dear people of Bahrain are met.

Source: The website of al-Nujaba’s representative office in Iran

Thelma J. Longworth