No to religious terrorism! No to state terrorism!

The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, announced that on July 31, 2022, by an airstrike, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the terrorist network Al-Qaeda, was killed in Kabul, and with this feat historically, he spoke of peace and the “yielding of justice”. The US government, which is itself the producer and supporter of terrorism in the world, can never be the hero in the fight against terrorism. Didn’t Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, admit that “the people we are fighting today, we financed 20 years ago”? John Bolton, former national security adviser of the United States, did he not admit to having organized coups in various countries, including in Latin America?

Did we not witness the war, bloodshed and terrorist operations of the United States and its allies in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan just a few years ago? Didn’t the United States create Islamic fundamentalist and mujahideen parties during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and then create the Taliban? Isn’t ISIS the new version of Al-Qaeda produced by the United States? Weren’t there more than 20 Islamic terrorist groups created in Afghanistan during the US occupation of Afghanistan? So, does the United States talk about “doing justice” and fighting terrorism, isn’t that ridiculous and demagogic?

The truth is this: on the first anniversary of the Taliban’s rise to power and the disgraceful defeat of the United States in Afghanistan, coupled with the unprecedented economic crisis and inflation in the United States and When Joe Biden’s popularity declined, the US administration, the US government and the Democratic Party launched the scenario of killing the leader of Al-Qaeda in order to divert the attention of the American people.

The people of Afghanistan will never forget or forgive how the United States handed over power to the most brutal, anti-women and anti-science group called the Taliban in a February 2020 deal in Doha, and took them dominates the fate of 40 million people, including 20 million Afghan women. The Afghan people will never forget how American planes took off and dropped dozens of young people hanging outside the planes, trying to escape the hell America created in Afghanistan. Today, the dire situation in Afghanistan and the deprivation of education, the loss of jobs and the torture of women by the Taliban are the result of the self-serving policy of America and its main allies like England, France and Germany.

Capitalism is ready to commit any type of crime and violate all human and moral values ​​for profit, and US imperialism to maintain its hegemony over the world. They use religion, especially Islam, as a tool to attack their strategic enemies. Sometimes they create radical Islamic forces and make them heroes, but when their expiration date comes and a certain group can no longer achieve the goals set by America, they label them terrorists and weed them out. one way or another.

In Afghanistan, the Islamic fundamentalist parties and the mujahideen were used in the war against the Soviet Union and the government of Najibullah (1979-1992), then the mujahideen were ousted from power by the Taliban in 1996. In 2001, the United States attacked Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban government under the guise of Taliban support for Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. America benefits from both creating and supporting terrorist forces, and when they destroy them, it presents itself as counter-terrorist.

The war in Afghanistan, contrary to his predictions, proved long and costly for the United States, which grew disgusted with its corrupt, puppet government in Kabul. He tried to make a deal with the Taliban and the Haqqani network to achieve his own goals and programs against Russia, Central Asia, China and Iran through the Taliban instead of the Ashraf government Ghani. It was these goals that caused the United States to ignore the thoughts and actions of the Taliban as an extremist religious, terrorist, anti-science and misogynist group and delegate power to them. It is on the basis of these motivations that the United States granted most of the Taliban leaders, blacklisted by the United Nations and the United States, facilities for foreign travel and political legitimacy. Sirajuddin Haqqani is the leader of the Haqqani network and responsible for organizing 1,100 suicide bombings in Afghanistan, and the United States has set a $10 million reward for his identification, arrest or murder. However, he easily serves as the Taliban’s interior minister under the eyes of the United States. But al-Zawahiri, 71, who has had no serious anti-American activities for the past twenty years, is considered the most dangerous and has been eliminated by special operations!

This US terrorist operation in Kabul proved that US intelligence and military forces are still present in Kabul and defend US interests at minimal cost. Contrary to their claim to independence, the Taliban have no sovereignty over the land or space of Afghanistan. According to Airwars research, over the past 20 years and after more than 91,000 airstrikes in seven war zones, “at least 22,679, and potentially as many as 48,308 civilians were likely killed by US strikes “.

For the Afghan people, it does not matter whether the murder of al-Zawahiri took place, on the one hand, following an agreement between the CIA and the ISI of Pakistan or between the Haqqani network and another part of the whether Pakistan could get huge loans from the IMF and the United States and thus temporarily save itself from the acute economic crisis and popular uprisings or, on the other hand, that the Taliban could take the frozen money from the Afghanistan to the United States and pave the way for recognition of their totalitarian government. The important thing is that all this clamor to kill someone from the terrorist network will not benefit the American and Afghan peoples and will in no way be considered “elimination of terrorism” and “the administration of justice”. These James Bond-like actions may be enjoyed by political children to applaud, but they can never fool the peace-loving, anti-war, anti-capitalist people of the United States and the suffering people of Afghanistan.

The peoples of Afghanistan and the United States know very well that peace and justice are only possible with unity and solidarity among workers and workers of the world and their common struggle against the capitalist system. Only by abolishing private property and communalizing the means of production can justice and equality be ensured and a world free from war and the threat of religious and state terrorism can be brought about. to humanity.

Statement from the Left Radical Afghan (LRA)

Thelma J. Longworth