Maryland man reaches plea deal in multi-jurisdictional theft cases | Every day

WOOD STOCK – A Maryland man who stole cellphones in several different jurisdictions recently pleaded guilty in Shenandoah, Warren and Frederick counties and must pay more than $5,000 in restitution.

Daquan Rawls, 22, of District Heights, Md., pleaded guilty on the Shenandoah County Circuit on March 25 to stolen property worth more than $200 with intent to sell. A failure to appear charge was dismissed.

On Jan. 29, Woodstock police responded to a reported robbery at the town’s cell phone service store and learned that a suspect distracted an employee before cutting the security wires of four iPhone 12 phones, according to a criminal complaint. The complaint says the suspect, later identified as Rawls, used a blade from a multi-tool to cut the wires and “stab” the employee before fleeing. No injuries are mentioned in the complaint.

Woodstock police learned that Rawls used the same tactic to steal phones from at least nine other stores in other jurisdictions, the complaint states.

The ensuing investigation found social media footage showing Rawls wearing the same clothing as the suspect in the Woodstock incident, according to the complaint. Additionally, Loudoun County police used a search warrant on a phone that tracked him traveling from Maryland to Woodstock.

Loudoun County authorities also discovered where Rawls was trying to sell an iPhone matching the description of the one stolen from Woodstock on an app, three days after the theft, the complaint says. Rawls had warrants from five other jurisdictions and “many more will soon follow,” the complaint states.

The Shenandoah County case was transferred to Frederick County Circuit Court, where his Shenandoah County Circuit Court conviction was combined with a guilty plea to a charge of stolen property with intent to sell property. worth over $1,000.

Rawls was sentenced in Frederick County Circuit Court on Tuesday to one year in prison on the charge suspended for all but 31 days and ordered to pay $3,935.64 in restitution.

The plea deals all came after Rawls pleaded guilty to similar offenses in Warren County Circuit Court on March 14. He was sentenced to five years in prison with all but three months suspended and ordered to pay $1,199.99 in restitution.

Rawls was scheduled to appear in Alexandria General District Court on April 1 and in Loudon County General District Court on April 7 for similar offenses.

Thelma J. Longworth