Lesser Known Facts About Revolutionary Freedom Fighter Who Was Hanged At The Age Of 18

Khudiram Bose, India’s youngest freedom fighter and epitome of fearlessness, was one of our country’s youngest freedom fighters. Born on December 3, 1889, Khudiram Bose was executed to death on August 11, 1908, at the age of only 18. First, he was arrested for attempting to assassinate British judge Douglas Kingsford and later he was hanged to death in Muzaffarpur prison in Bihar.

Bose was born in a small village in the Midnapore district of Bengal. From his early days he was drawn to revolutionary activities, inspired by Sri Aurobindo and Sister Nivedita during their visit to Midnapore in the early 1900s.

Khudiram Bose is highly regarded by the youth of our country for his fearless and selfless spirit for the country. Bose and his friend Prafulla Chaki had plotted to kill the British judge for his biased and harsh judgments against Indian nationalists. Bose and his friend Chaki planted a bomb in Judge Kingsford’s vehicle, but he was not in his vehicle and escaped the attack. After this incident, Bose was arrested by police while Prafulla Chaki committed suicide before the police could get hold of him.

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At the age of 15, Bose volunteered for Anuhilan Samiti and was arrested for distributing leaflets against the British government. However, unlike other revolutionaries like Subhash Chandra Bose, Khudiram Bose’s legacy was limited to Bengal, many people do not know India’s youngest freedom fighter.

To honor his legacy, Muzaffarpur Prison, where Khudiram was hanged, was named Khudiram Bose Central Prison and the station where he was arrested was renamed as Khudiram Bose Pusa Station.

Thelma J. Longworth