Lesser Known Facts About India’s ‘Great Freedom Fighter’

Shivaram Rajguru was a great Indian freedom fighter. He played a vital role in the independence of India. Not many people know that his full name was Hari Shivaram Rajguru. He belonged to a Brahmin Marathi family in Pune.

Rajguru was born on 24e August 1908 in a village known as Khed, Pune. Since his childhood he had witnessed the atrocities of the British. It gave him the inner anger and the strength to fight. Therefore, his dedication and patriotism made him an Indian revolutionary.

He is best known for his involvement in the assassination of a British police officer of Raj Saunders. It was an act of revenge.

At Rajguru 113e Birthday, let’s take a look at some lesser known facts about it.

1. Rajguru’s father died when he was only 6 years old.

2. He graduated from New English High School in Poona.

3. Rajguru joined the ‘Seva Dal‘. He had attended ‘Seva Dal’ training camps in Ghatprabha. Which was conducted by Dr NS Hardikar, who was also the founder of Seva Dal.

4. He was a member of the Republican Socialist Hindustan Association (HSRA). It was an association of people who fervently wanted India to come under British rule.

5.Rajguru quickly became an associate of freedom fighters Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. His association with them led to participation in the assassination of the British Raj officer named John Saunders in Lahore on 17E December 1928. It was an act of revenge for the death of Lala Lajpat Rai.

6.Rajguru and his fellow freedom fighters were found guilty of the death of the British officer.

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7. The 23DR MARCH 1931, the three great freedom fighters, Rajguru, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev were hanged to death by the British government in Lahore. Rajguru was only 22 years old at the time of his death.

8. They were cremated in Hussanianiwala on the banks of the Sutlej river in the FIROZEPUR district of Punjab. Each year 23rd March is celebrated as the Day of the Martyr (Shaheed Diwas) to pay homage to great freedom fighters.

9. His ancestral home known as ‘Rajguru wada’ it is maintained. The Hutatma Rajguru Samarak Samiti (HRSS) hoists the national flag in Rajguru Wada every year on Republic Day since 2004.

10.In his honor, his hometown ‘Khed’ is renamed to ‘Rajgurunagar’. Even a college bears his name, known as’Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women ‘ in the Vasundhara enclave in Delhi.

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Posted on: Monday August 23, 2021 3:36 PM IST

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