KONGRA-GEL condemns the surrender by the Armenian government of two Kurdish revolutionaries

In a written statement, the KONGRA-GEL Co-Presidency Board said: “Two Kurdish revolutionary fighters, named Atilla Çiçek (Leheng) and Hüseyin Yıldırım (Alişer), who went to Armenia for the struggle for the freedom of the people of Kurdistan, were arrested in November 2021. Following the trial, the competent court decided to release them both. However, despite the court’s decision, the two Kurdish revolutionaries were not released. Instead , they were secretly handed over to the Turkish state.

The statement continued: “Officials from Armenia’s Ministry of Justice were preventing Kurdish institutions from following the case properly by hiding the truth. The true face of Pashinyan’s government was revealed when completely false reports appeared in the Turkish press that two Kurdish revolutionaries had been captured during an operation supposedly carried out on the border.

The statement added: “The Pashinyan government, which handed over two Kurdish revolutionaries, Leheng and Alişer, to the Turkish state as a result of the dirty deals it made with the fascist AKP-MHP government, not only betrayed the people Kurdish, but also the Armenian people. This is a big insult to the Armenian people.

The policy of the Turkish state against the Armenian and Kurdish people continues today, this ugly cooperation of the Pashinyan government must be condemned by all, especially sensitive intellectuals of the Armenian people, political circles and civil society.

It is a betrayal and a great dishonor for all the peoples of the region to deliver the revolutionaries of the Kurdish people, who are fighting against the Turkish state fascism to the AKP-MHP fascism.

Cooperation between the Erdogan and Pashinyan governments brings nothing to the people of Armenia and the region except persecution and death. It is very important for the free future of all the peoples of the region to oppose this act of treason.

Everyone, especially the Armenian people, should take a stand against this betrayal, and no one should remain silent. We call on everyone to stand up and protest against this decision.

Thelma J. Longworth