Jurisdiction, freedom of choice, ticket prices – Press Telegram

Official hybris

Dear Editor,

The pride of the elected and appointed in Long Beach is incredible. Isn’t having to spend up to $30 million to fund the operating costs of the Long Beach Community Hospital enough for the city not to be held accountable by county obligations?

The fact that the city owned the property did not justify the city subsidizing a hospital east of Long Beach as part of an agreement to cover operating losses.

Long Beach residents help fund emergency care through a special countywide tax. Why not ask the county to provide emergency care east of Long Beach? Medical care, mental health care, and various indigent welfare services are a county obligation not assigned to cities by law.

The city has no role in welfare, indigent health and mental health care. Other towns in this county don’t even see the need to run a public health service. Homelessness issues are also a county obligation.

Try to focus on services that cities other than Long Beach try to offer on a quality basis – police, fire, streets, local parks.

Roy Hanson

Long Beach

limited freedom

Dear Editor,

For writer Mark Alonzo, Umm, your freedom of choice is limited.

No seat belt is worth a ticket. You choose to drink and drive equals more license. No passport equals no trip abroad. No MMR vaccine means your child does not attend public school.

Regarding the police, their mission is to protect and to serve. By definition, this includes the protection of public health. A mandate that all who serve be inoculated and strengthened would be welcome.

david alpern

Long Beach

Absurd ticket costs

Dear Editor,

$70 street sweep tickets? Is street sweeping a service to keep our city clean or a way for the city to make money?

$70 parking tickets! I hope you are joking? Where is all this money going? What is it spent on? Roundabouts? The Broadway bike lane that only created trouble? Who is the engineer who designed this disaster?

Everyone is trying to get back on their feet from this endless pandemic. I would like to see where that money is going and how it is being spent. I’m sure the city can afford a page in the Grunion Gazette twice a year. The people of Long Beach deserve to know how their hard-earned money is being spent.

Mary Jane Ruggles

Long Beach

Thelma J. Longworth