Amid the raging controversy over the Kashmir Premier League, the International Cricket Council (ICC) responded to BCCI’s request not to recognize the contested tournament hosted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in occupied Kashmir. in Pakistan. In clarifying the matter, the International Cricket Council said it was not under the jurisdiction of the top cricket body as it was not recognized as an international tournament.

In an interview with Pakistani Geo TV, an ICC official said: “The tournament is not under the jurisdiction of the ICC because it is not an international cricket tournament. The ICC has deemed the so-called KPL to be a national tournament.

In accordance with ICC rules, each national federation has the unique and exclusive right to sanction the organization of national matches on its territory. The ICC can only intervene if the matches are to take place in the territory of an associate member. All members of the board of directors have the power to approve and organize national matches on its territory without obtaining the approval of the ICC.

The BCCI previously wrote a letter to the ICC asking it not to recognize the Kashmir Premier League, citing the contested status of the region. He is also said to have asked foreign boards to ban their current and former players from participating in the controversial league. Speaking on the matter, a BCCI official said they were following the government’s line on the issue with regard to the national interest. The official added that the board has no issues with cricketers playing Pakistan Super League (PSL), but cannot support KPL as it will be held at PoK.

The tournament is scheduled to start on August 6 and will see the participation of Pakistani cricketers such as Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik and others. The tournament was also set to see the participation of foreign cricketers, but after BCCI’s firm stance on the matter, many are said to be reconsidering their decision to join the contested league. In fact, former England cricketer Monty Panesar had retired from the PoK league to avoid any risk to his career.

The controversy surrounding the controversial PoK league

The controversy erupted after Herschelle Gibbs, a former cricketer from South India, claimed he was made aware of it following his decision to participate in the cricket league. Shortly after BCCI made its position clear on the matter, a group of Pakistani supporters, including cricketers, fell apart as the Indian Cricket Council ruled that cricketers participating in the Premier Kashmir League in Pakistan will not be allowed to enter India for cricket-related activities. job.

Responding to the BCCI position, the Pakistan Cricket Board said: “Such conduct by the BCCI is totally unacceptable, contrary to the preamble of the Spirit of Cricket and sets a dangerous precedent, which can neither be tolerated nor ignored. The PCB will raise this issue at the appropriate ICC forum and also reserves the right to take any other action available to us under the ICC Charter.

However, not only the BCCI but even the PSL franchises have a problem with the organization of the Kashmir Premier League. They had written to the PCB to express concerns about the potential impact of the Kashmir Premier League on the country’s biggest T20 tournament. According to reports, prior to the launch of PSL in 2016, the Pakistan Cricket Board promised franchises that no other T20 league would be allowed in Pakistan.

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