HPG: Two Kurdish revolutionaries extradited from Armenia to Turkey

According to the Press Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG), “Leheng and Alişer” were extradited from Armenia to Turkey. The HPG thus contradicts reports from the Turkish media, which reported a successful foreign operation by the intelligence service MIT.

HPG said that “Comrades Leheng and Alişer met with Armenian state forces in the border area with Armenia in August 2021 and acted cautiously to avoid a negative situation. However, they were arrested, detained and charged. Our friends fought legally and were brought before the Armenian Court of Appeals on February 23, 2022, which decided to release them. According to international and Armenian law, they should have been released. Instead, they were abducted and detained by the Armenian secret service. Although they were promised their release after initiatives were taken, they were extradited from Armenia to Turkey about a month ago,” the HPG said.

“A disgrace for Armenia”

By doing so, Armenia violated international legal standards and its own laws, HPG said: “Handing over the Kurdish revolutionaries, who fight for the existence and freedom of their people and sympathize with the pain of all oppressed peoples, in this way to the Turkish State, which aims at genocide, is a disgrace for Armenia.Our two comrades thus fell into the hands of the Turkish State.Yet, in the specialized war media of the Turkish State , the operation is billed as a highly successful MIT operation.”

The HPG also reported that two other people were extradited from Iraq to Turkey. In a September 14 statement, the HPG press center denied Turkish reports of an alleged MIT operation in the Maxmur camp in which two PKK members were captured. According to the statement, this report by the Turkish special war media had no basis and was designed to present the Turkish intelligence services as successful and to divert attention from the heavy losses suffered by the army in the war in Kurdistan. The two people allegedly captured, Hatip and Aria, had already split from the Kurdish liberation movement in July. This was also confirmed by the People’s Council of Maxmur. As the HPG said, these people ended up in the hands of the Iraqi state and were extradited by it to Turkey “due to lucrative interests”. “It is obvious that the success stories of MIT designed with false scenarios around the table do not correspond to reality. The people of Kurdistan and Turkey should not believe the lies of MIT,” HPG said.

Thelma J. Longworth