Glenn Beck employee violates Nancy Pelosi’s office alongside ‘revolutionaries’

Right-wing commentator Glenn Beck’s media worker TheBlaze stormed Nancy Pelosi’s office on Wednesday alongside pro-Trump protesters who clashed with police and violently raped the Capitol building.

TheBlaze host Elijah Schaffer posted a photo of a personal computer screen, with its caption: “BREAKING: I’m in Nancy Pelosi’s office with the thousands of revolutionaries who stormed the building.” . To put into perspective how quickly staff were evacuated, emails are still on screen alongside a federal alert warning members of the ongoing revolution.

Schaffer then deleted the tweet, and tried to remember his intrusion, claiming that he is only a “full-time reporter” and “am not personally involved in today’s events in Washington”. He added that his repeated use of words like “patriots” and “revolutionaries” to describe the MAGA crowd was due to the protesters using such descriptors for themselves.

TheBlaze host had previously not been so generous to protests from another political obedience. Just a day ago Schaffer posted a tweet deploring “the violence, vandalism and arson” committed by antifa. “The media are silent about this. But why?”

TheBlaze did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Thelma J. Longworth

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