From bomb-making to peace-making: Freedom Fighter walked the spectrum | Vijayawada News

Vijayawada: A family that threw bombs at the British during the freedom struggle now practice non-violence and even built a temple for Gandhi in the city of Vijayawada. Rampilla freedom fighter Narasayamma (93), wife of Sardar Rampilla Suryanarayanashared their precious moments during the freedom struggle and how they strove to make India independent.
Narasayamma said her husband had always dreamed of seeing an independent India and believed that revolution was the only weapon to achieve freedom. He joined the Socialist Revolutionary Party (RSP) and became one of the group’s main leaders. Narasayamma said she always accompanied her husband in the “actions” and they used to make high-powered explosives on Vidyadharapuram hill in the city.
Narasayamma said they used to carry bombs in tiffin boxes and act as if they were going on a pilgrimage. They were arrested by the British for carrying explosives and were convicted in several cases.
Narasayamma and her husband spent 42 days in prison for participating in the Quit India movement.
The couple left the revolutionary path after all the RSP leaders were arrested by the police. “Keso Prasad was leading the movement. After his arrest, we crossed our path. We realized that non-violence and peace are more powerful weapons than violence. So we left the revolutionary path and adopted Gandhian philosophy after Gandhi died,” Narasayamma said. The family built a temple for Gandhi at Vidyadharapuram where they made bombs during the revolutionary days. Rampilla Jayaprakashson of Narasayamma, looks after the temple.
Recalling the day India gained independence, Narasayamma said people in large groups took to the streets and celebrated freedom. “We lived a restricted life until August 14, 1947. People gathered at Eluru Lakulu, Bandaru Lakulu, New India Hotel Center and Andhra Patrika Center and broke crackers. We handed out sweets and celebrated success. I wish to go back to that time,” Narasayamma told TOI.
The AP’s “Iron Lady”
Narasamma is known as the ‘Iron Lady’ of Andhra Pradesh for her contributions to the revolutionary freedom movement. Narasayamma and her husband continued the freedom struggle even after independence and joined freedom fighters in Goa and Pondicherry. Narasayamma was caught carrying bombs in Goa in 1956 and was imprisoned for a year. She was pregnant at that time and she gave birth to her youngest son Rampilla Jayaprakash in Goa prison.
Narasayamma said she wants to see a prosperous and democratic India.

Thelma J. Longworth