Energy Security for Freedom Fighter!!!

On October 15, our beloved revolutionary, Dylcia Pagan, will mark another blessed revolution around the sun. She would love nothing more than to use some of that invigorating natural light to power her own home in Loiza.

Boricuas, especially those living in the Diaspora, often ask, “What can I do to help the Boricuas and/or Borikén? This request and this objective offer a definitive and satisfying way to achieve this objective. Especially after Fiona and the ongoing political and man-made disaster known as Luma and the Colony, let’s help this freedom fighter achieve energy independence!!!

Over the past few weeks, we have collected about a third of what is needed. Help Dylcia achieve her goal before her birthday!!!

Dylcia is a producer, director, political activist, artist, healer and former political prisoner. Born and raised in New York, she is best known as one of the first Latina television producers in the United States who was charged with seditious conspiracy in 1980 and sentenced to 63 years in prison. In addition to working on documentaries, art, poetry and special events, Pagán is an international speaker who talks about justice, media, culture and the independence movement.

Many speak of liberation. Dylcia dedicated her life to this ideal and paid a huge price. It is right and proper that we as Boricuas and allies raise funds to ensure that his home in Loiza continues to have solar power that will withstand the next major natural event or those manufactured by society. of corrupted privatized energy.

A proposal to supply his house has already been drafted. The next step is to secure payment for the works, solar panels and batteries. If you have ever asked or felt the need to express your solidarity with Puerto Rico or a comrade living in the motherland, this opportunity is here!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Please encourage others to donate and share widely. Pa’lante and Gracias!!!!

Thelma J. Longworth