Durga Bhabhi chief assistant to the revolutionaries during the struggle for freedom

Durgawati Devi was one of the revolutionaries in the struggle for freedom in India. With the famous revolutionary Bhagat Singh, Durgawati Devi traveled by Calcutta Mail on December 18, 1928. At the call of Chandrashekhar Azad, the wife of the revolutionary Bhagavaticharan Bohra, who prepared the philosophy of the bomb papers, was known as name of Durga Bhabhi among the revolutionaries. Durga Bhabhi chaired the meeting called in Lahore to avenge the death of Lala Lajpatrai in 1927. In a plan to kill then Governor Haley of Mumbai, an English officer named Taylor was wounded, on which the bullet was drawn by Durga Bhabhi.

Durgawati Devi was born on October 7, 1907 in the house of Pandit Banke Bihari in the village of Shahzadpur in Allahabad, UP. His father was employed at the Collectorate. Her grandfather, Pandit Shivshankar, who was a landlord in Shahjpur, had been helping Durga Bhabhi since he was a child. Within 10 years, Durga Bhabhi got married to Bhagavaticharan Bohra in Lahore. Durga Bhabhi’s stepfather, Shivcharan, held a high post in the railroads. He was honored with the title of Rai Saheb by the British government.

Durga Bhabhi soon began to support her husband’s work after her marriage to the revolutionary Bhagavaticharan Bohra. His house was a refuge for revolutionaries. They respect everyone, affectionately, and they would be respected. So all the revolutionaries started to call him ‘Bhabhi’. Devi, along with her husband, helped HSRA member Vimal Prasad Jain run a bomb factory called “Himalayan Toilets” (a smokescreen to hide the bomb-making program) in Qutub Road, Delhi. After independence from India, Durga Devi began to live as an ordinary woman in Ghaziabad. She then opened a school for poor children in Lucknow. Durga died in Ghaziabad on October 15, 1999 at the age of 92.

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