Among the many major by-products of the effects of the Narendra Modi regime and its attempts to completely recast the Indian narrative and its debunking of this manipulated and militarized “Idea of ​​India”, Communists and Marxists began to delineate and drawing their connection and political pedigree to the freedom movement, its ideals and the free constitution of India and its ideals.

Comrade D Raja’s recent article, writing for an English daily, saw him chant a litany of those customary abuses reserved for Modi and the BJP such as majoritarianism, nefarious designs, but he also saw him speak, even s ‘he was displaying his limited and confused reading of the ideals of the Indian Constitution and the goals and ideals of the freedom movement and its vanguard leaders. This is one of the most welcome changes that has taken place in recent times.

Ignoring the fact that his party now lives only in newspaper columns and party spokespersons, Dr Raja embarked on a fantastic weaving journey, trying to portray only the ideals of the freedom movement and the Constitution of the United States. Free India is under threat and that the reconstruction of the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir compound and hallway and the widely watched television broadcast of its inauguration was a “nefarious conception” of the Modi establishment. Even after 75 years of independence, the Indian Communists continue to commit and resort to their “historic blunder” of denouncing the faith of the Indian majority and displaying their extreme hatred and contempt for their symbols of faith.

Polish thinker and writer Ryszard KapuÅ›ciÅ„ski, in his opus “Imperium”, speaks of the protection of symbols as an act of patriotism. Communists would hardly understand this, for them, patriotism has always been a bourgeois word, sentiment and symbols – especially religious, cultural and civilizational – manifestations that had to be destroyed, liquidated and the masses re-educated to reject them and them. denounce.

The Communist obsession with Modi and the BJP not only drove them to denounce them, but also forced them to try to connect with episodes and phases in the history of India from which they had once boldly declared their divorce. Over the past five decades, they have been seen to weave a vast network, both academic and political, with the nefarious design of subverting the truth of these historic episodes.

Their political frameworks and the network of Communisants they spawned have subverted and deconstructed many decisive episodes and events in our history, either denying them or deliberately misinterpreting them in order to fit their ideological designs. The legendary French political philosopher Raymond Aron in his classic “The Opium of the Intellectuals”, which shredded deceptive Communist intellectual constructions, describes the Communisants as “those who do not belong to the party but whose sympathies are with the Soviet world”. In almost all countries, these Communizers continued to be active in trying to subvert its founding ideals and goals.

In his recent study, “American Marxism,” popular journalist and author Mark Levin, speaks of an ongoing “counter-revolution” in America to the American Revolution, led by Marxists and Marxists that seeks to “destroy society. American ”. Levin’s description of the functioning of these communisers in American society is not new to us in India since we have been victims for decades. In America, writes Levin, “many Marxists drape themselves in expressions such as’ progressives’, ‘democratic socialists’,’ social activists’, ‘community activists’ … they claim to promote’ economic justice ‘,’ justice environmental ”,“ racial equity ”,“ gender equity ””. The real purpose of these operations, he observes, “is to demolish and tear apart the nation for a thousand reasons and in a thousand ways, thereby discouraging and demoralizing the public; undermine the confidence of citizens in the institutions, traditions and customs of the nation. , creating one calamity after another, weakening the nation from within … ”

Over the decades, these professional and condescending Communists and Counterrevolutionaries have penetrated every institution in India with the aim of sabotaging and compromising them. They have been deployed to spread the Marxist poison in Indian society and to generate the narrative of victimization, deprivation, insurgency, revolt, disrespect for the goals and ideals of the Constitution, achievements civilizational aspects of India and the essence of the ideals of the freedom movement. These Communizers, trained and educated by their political masters, denigrated the faith of the Indian majority, denounced their symbols of faith as backslid, and were virulent whenever there were expressions and manifestations of this faith through symbols, sacred spaces and acts.

For more than five decades, they have ensured that the official India, Indian governance system and framework, policy makers and ruling rulers come across as excuses of our cultural and religious symbols. This mindset led them to make sure that the Ram Mandir issue was on the boil, they secretly rejoiced when the Samajwadi party government ordered that karsevaks be shot in Ayodhya, they made sure that the The incident had no impact or was underestimated in the Western media controlled by their ideological fellow traveler. The Indian Communists and their ruling wing, the Congress Party, applied all theories and tactics to destroy and undermine the faith of the majority in their symbols, traditions, customs and institutions. They created an array, a class of, to use intellectual historian Ted McAllister’s description, “Bad Elites,” in India who worked and prospered by subjugating subordinates and their objects and institutions of worship and faith.

Modi has worked to restore, rejuvenate and rekindle this faith and confidence at all levels. The Kashi Vishwanath corridor, the restoration of the Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya, the reconstruction of the emblematic Ramna Kali Mandir in Dhaka, destroyed five decades ago by the marauding Pakistani army, the Char Dham road to facilitate the work of the ordinary pilgrim and also to serve India’s strategy objectives, the return, in large numbers, of the Indian murtis of the gods and goddesses once smuggled out of India and their reinstatement, are all expressions of this rejuvenation and this consolidation. For Modi, protecting the symbols, recovering them and rejuvenating them is also an act of supreme patriotism. It annoys the counter-revolutionaries who see in these acts the collapse of their long-standing obsession and the failure of their ideological mission. Exhausted in their ranks, tired in their opposition, clueless on the way forward, limited in their reach, they limit themselves to slandering Modi and the BJP.

Speaking of the Communist obsession with BJP, LK Advani once told EMS Namboodiripad that “he had an obsession with BJP”. He worries about [our] stronger and stronger and aware of the limits of his own party … In over 425 seats in Lok Sabha … Communist parties don’t matter … nevertheless they keep trying to dictate other parties what to do and not to do. It is high time to call the communist bluff… ”Modi repeatedly calls this bluff while cementing the foundations of a new India.

The writer is a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC), BJP and director of the Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation. Opinions expressed are personal


Thelma J. Longworth