Coronavirus crisis: WA outclasses Victoria in high-risk jurisdiction further limiting travel

Victoria will be upgraded to a high-risk jurisdiction from Monday, further limiting travel to WA to only those who have been vaccinated and tested negative for COVID-19 before departure.

The announcement came less than 24 hours after AFL staff – including managing director Gillon McLachlan – landed in Perth to begin two weeks of quarantine ahead of the September 25 grand finale.

Victoria today announced 176 new cases, the most in the latest outbreak to date and a significant spike from the 119 infections diagnosed yesterday.

The trigger for WA Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson to consider classifying a jurisdiction as “high risk” is a five-day moving average of 50 daily cases – a mark that has been reached for the first time on August 21.

The five-day average is now 105, while the 14-day moving average – which is also taken into account – is 79.

The change means anyone who wishes to travel to WA from Victoria must apply for an exemption, which remains available for compassionate reasons but will now only be granted to people who have received at least a first dose of a COVID vaccine. 19.

Travelers must also provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure and, upon arrival in WA, use the G2G Now app which allows police to verify their location in real time.

They are still allowed to complete their quarantine fortnight in any facility deemed appropriate by the WA Police.

Premier Mark McGowan said yesterday his government “is actively considering” tightening border controls with Victoria.

The move comes after Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews yesterday admitted his state would not be able to reduce the number of cases to zero.

“We will not see that number of cases drop,” Andrews said.

“They will go up. The question is to know by how much and at what speed.

Andrews said Melbourne would remain stranded with the majority of restrictions in place – though playgrounds would reopen to children under 12 tomorrow – until vaccination rates hit at least 70%.

Also beginning Monday, travelers from medium-risk jurisdictions like ACT will be required to return a negative test 72 hours before departure.

Thelma J. Longworth

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