Comrade Manohar Taksal, communist leader and freedom fighter, has died


Aurangabad, November 30:

Comrade Manohar Pandharinath Taksal (93, Khokadpura) died Tuesday morning of a brief illness, a communist leader, freedom fighter and thinker. He is survived by his wife Lilabai Taksal, his daughter Kranti, his son Abhay Taksal, district deputy secretary, Indian Communist Party (M) and engineer Ajay.

Taksal has been a member of the CPI since 1952 and remained committed to the party until his last breath. He remained firmly devoted to revolutionary movements. He continued on his way from district secretary to members of the national council. He was co-secretary of state, secretary and member of the party’s board of directors for many years. He was for several years president of the trade union Maharashtra Rajya Lalbavta Shetmajur.

A long trip

He was chairman of the action committee against Dalit Atyachar Virodhi Kruti Samiti in Aurangabad from its inception to its end. The secretary of this committee was the late Buddhapriya Kabir. He was a freedom fighter in the Goa liberation struggle and the Hyderabad liberation movement. He was at the forefront of the university renaming movement. He had led a demonstration at the High Court demanding a scholarship for OBC students in accordance with the recommendations of the Mandal Commission, in which he had been imprisoned along with his colleagues. He was recently honored by Ratan Kumar Pandagale with the Namantar Yoddha Award. Manohar Taksal, from Navgan Rajuri in Beed. He was from a weaker financial background. He studied while staying in a public home created by Kashinathrao Jadhav. Taksal supervised the work of Kashinathrao Jadhav gaurav granth. This book is due out soon.

Gave up a teacher’s job

Manohar Taksal worked as a teacher at Shivaji High School for a while, but in order to have more time to work for the party and without any restrictions, he completed his law studies and started his legal career at the district court and at the labor court. He fought many cases of workers and brought them justice. He was sent on a six-month study trip to Moscow, Russia on behalf of the party. He had run twice in the legislative elections in Gangapur tehsil and also in Aurangabad.

His well-known struggles

Three months imprisonment in the wide gauge rail movement, the Land Satyagraha movement in Gangapur, imprisonment in the Uran protest and active participation in the Marathwada Janata Vikas Parishad movement. CPI (M) workers have expressed sorrow over his disappearance.

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Thelma J. Longworth