Caregivers are a test for state terrorism


DEMOCRACY is dead in the UK. How do we know this? A quick glance at the definition of terrorism under the UK Terrorism Act should immediately raise any thoughtful person to question whether our own UK government is now openly committing an act of terror against a vulnerable section of the public.

Under the law, terrorism is currently defined as “the use or threat [of action] intended to influence the government or intimidate the public or part of the public, and the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause ”.

Social workers, who are mostly low-income, young and female, are now directly targeted with outright intimidation by a UK government decree that they either undergo a Covid-19 vaccination by a certain date or are at risk. to be made redundant.

As we all know, the Nuremberg Trials and the Nuremberg Code that followed led us to the sunny highlands of a more secure world where no government could ever easily take over the sovereignty the people have. on their own body. The horrors of the Holocaust are often rightly presented as something that must never happen again. Fact-checkers are now telling us with absurd confidence that the Nuremberg Code does not apply when it comes to forcing Covid-19 vaccines on the citizens of the world. They argue that the vaccines have been tested and are completely safe, while simultaneously and skillfully sidestepping the known fact that none of the trials included studies in young women regarding effects on reproduction, pregnancy and breastfeeding. . Written test data from all vaccine manufacturers clearly cites reproduction, pregnancy, and lactation as “missing information” in data submitted to the MHRA, EMA, and FDA.

Fact-checkers tell us, again with absurd confidence, that there is no evidence of negative reproductive effects from vaccines, but fail to make the obvious logical leap that there is has no evidence because there has been no testing. Thus, caregivers, as a distinct group in society, are ordered by our government to receive injections of an investigational agent, the long-term effects of which cannot be known.

What about the people they care for? Indeed, this is an important consideration when it comes to human rights. Some rights are inevitably thrown back on the altar of the greater good, but in this case, whether or not a caregiver is vaccinated does not in any way confer greater protection on the elderly vaccinated in nursing homes. We now know that being vaccinated against Covid-19 does not in itself prevent anyone from being infected and transmitting the infection.

If you are a 24 year old caregiver with a child in school and totally reliant on nursing home shifts to feed, clothe and house your child, you are undoubtedly being bullied by the State to give up the right to choose what happens to your own body. Our UK government is clearly using a threat of action (intimidation) against a particularly vulnerable section of the public for both political and ideological reasons.

Politically, the government first terrorizes this particular group to test, as it has done throughout the pandemic, how far it can go with other groups in terms of totalitarian rule. Their terrorism is also ideological in the sense that a Covid First ideology espoused by several powerful governments is now clearly sweeping the world in a coordinated assault of mandates, restrictions, testing and certification.

I might add that the government’s ‘nudge’ over Covid-19 has also resulted in the creation of a quasi-religious movement or cult within the general public. Many now turn on their daily information points to find out who to hate and what to fear.

Vaccinating caregivers will not improve the safety of nursing home residents. On the contrary, it can put them at risk, as the symptoms of infectivity can be alleviated in the caregivers. Everyone who works in care knows the dedication and compassion that all workers show to their seniors. People don’t go to work if they’re not feeling well. Vaccination may well produce a workforce unaware that it can be infectious. All of this adds up to a massively shrunken workforce driven out by coercion.

Simply put, the supply of quality care is already creaking and this policy will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We should all jump up and down on what’s in the law. We’re all next on the list. It won’t stop with caregivers and it won’t be limited to Covid-19 vaccines. Once the medico-industrial complex clearly establishes compulsory medication for entire populations, our lives and our bodies will never belong to us again. This is the hill we will all die on if we do not stop the government from carrying out this blatant terrorist attack on our freedoms.


Thelma J. Longworth

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