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LAHORE: Opposing an official letter of “reprimand” from the deputy commissioner for his absence from a meeting, the cantonment executive of Jhelum Cantt, asked the district administrative chief to rescind the “unauthorized” communiqué in the 24 hours or the case will be referred to his (DC) bosses.

According to sources, Jhelum’s Deputy Commissioner (DC) sent a letter of explanation to Jhelum Cantt CEO Ghulam Muhammad Abro, asking him to explain his absence from the meeting of the ” monsoon 2021 ”despite his invitation on July 17th.

The letter indicates that the CEO was absent from the meeting without any prior “approval” from the CD. “This is highly reprehensible and shows negligence / ineffectiveness on your part towards official duty,” it read.

The DC demanded an explanation from the CEO within three days and warned of “disciplinary action under the PEEDA Act of 2006” due to poor performance and negligence.

The CEO returned the letter, however, showing his surprise at the DC [poor] knowledge of service issues and rules – to get started.

The CEO said in his July 28 response that he was himself a BS-18 federal government official, and that asking for an explanation under the PEEDA was “beyond his purview. [DC’s] competence and longing ”. He added that the DC was not empowered to monitor his performance and duty.

Instead, the CEO said, the DC was expected to “show grace and professional insight” while addressing a fellow officer, who was not under his command and authority.

The CEO also objected to not marking the letter as “personal / confidential”.

He asked the DC to withdraw the “unauthorized” letter within 24 hours or it would refer the matter to the Rawalpindi division commissioner and the Punjab chief secretary.

Posted in Dawn, August 1, 2021

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