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April 4 marks the birthday of leader Ocalan, dubbed a “popular revival.” This date is experienced as the beginning of a new epic for the Kurdish people on the one hand, and for all the peoples of the world on the other.

The birthday of leader Ocalan, detained in Imrali prison since February 15, 1999, is celebrated every year to intensify the resistance.

The professor of political sociology at the University of Cambridge, Thomas Geoffrey Miley, confided in our agency on the occasion of the birth of the leader Ocalan.

Historic victory for Chief Ocalan

Jeff hailed Chief Ocalan, described him as a freedom fighter. He explained that despite his arrest, he inspired revolutionary struggles even in the place where he was abducted, i.e. in Nairobi, and said: “Once again, the influential expression of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan in the principle of “Self-Government” which means radical democracy against the state, is a historic achievement for world revolutionaries. The paradigm of democratic confederation proves its close connection with the revolutionary situation in Africa from the east.

He also pointed out that leader Ocalan had become the cradle of revolutionary struggle, especially the struggle against imperialism, which came to light when he was kidnapped in Nairobi by an international plot.

“His perseverance breeds courage”

Miley explained that the Kurdish liberation movement, which was inspired by leader Ocalan, wrote a page of dignity in the history of the revolution, noting that the revolution in Rojava had helped to revive the revolution, while modernity capitalist was suffering from a crisis.

Miley also explained that Chief Ocalan’s insistence on resistance has given courage to freedom fighters around the world, adding, “His ideas pose a great danger to the existing regime, and they also threaten the corrupt system.”

“The dissemination of his ideas”

Miley noted that this situation highlights the weakness of imperialist countries, and that they have arrested Chief Ocalan; Because she was afraid of his ideas, he asserted that his ideas could not be suppressed against the will of the imperialists, and complied with Nairobi as the most material example of this.

Milley called for Ocalan’s physical freedom, saying, “The joint international relationship will contribute to the freedom campaign by putting pressure on the Turkish state.”

Who is Thomas Jeffrey Miley?

He is a lecturer in political sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge. He holds a BA from the University of California in 1995 and an MA from Yale University in 2004. He has taught at Wesley University and Saint Louis University (Madrid) and has worked at the Center for Political and Constitutional Research in Madrid.



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