Bharat Jodo Yatra Update: Reaching out to anti-India and moving away from revolutionaries’ agenda

New Delhi: New controversies erupt daily over the removal of the Bharat Jodo Yatra by Congress to regain its lost political ground. Now the absence of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi from a major event is in question. According to the report, Congress State Unit Chairman K Sudhakaran had to apologize for Rahul Gandhi not attending the congratulation ceremony for the revolutionaries. Earlier, he also questioned Rahul Gandhi for meeting a priest known for his Hindu and Indian horror.

According to the media, the memorial of two Kerala revolutionaries, Gandhian KE Memon and Padma Shri laureate P Gopinathan Nair was to be unveiled. The event was proposed at NIMS Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. It is reported that an invitation was also sent to Rahul by the family in the presence of Kerala Pradesh Congress Unit Chief Sudhakaran. It is reported that Sudhakaran, UDF leader MM Hassan and local MP Shashi Tharoor had arrived at NIMS hospital to attend this congratulation ceremony of the fighters. However, Rahul Gandhi did not arrive even after the invitation. It is said that Rahul Gandhi had previously agreed to come to the program, but did not come. After that, the chairman of the state congressional unit had to apologize to everyone, and a video of the whole incident also goes viral.

Earlier on Friday (September 10), Rahul Gandhi went to church and met Pastor George Ponnaiah, who was in controversy over his anti-Indian statements. On this subject, the BJP has raised strong questions. BJP leader Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted: “This man has been arrested in the past for anti-Hindu hatred. He had also said that I wore shoes so that the impurities of Mother India would not contaminate us. In the viral video, George Ponnaiah says that Jesus is the true God, he is not like Shakti or other Hindu Hindu gods.

Ponnaiah can be heard saying in the video, “Jesus is the true God born as a human.” Shakti (Mother Durga is called ‘Shakti’) and not like the others.’ However, meanwhile Rahul Gandhi, who describes himself as a ‘Janeudhari Brahmin’, sometimes a Kashmiri Pandit, and has sometimes expressed his desire to learn Shiv Yoga, is seen listening to the words of the seated priest quietly in the video about such insults. to the Hindu gods. The clergy kept trying to prove throughout the discussion that Jesus was the real god and the Hindu god was imaginary. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi, who was called a scholar for explaining Hindutva, continued to silently support the words of the priest. In such a situation, it should also be noted that in a Hindu-majority country, Rahul Gandhi goes without Bharat Jodo Yatra, meets people who hate Hindus and makes such anti-Indian statements.

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