Bankruptcy Court Says It Has No Jurisdiction In Conneaut Lake Park Litigation | New

It’s not up to Judge Jeffery Deller to The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Western Pennsylvania will decide whether Conneaut Lake Park’s purchase contract may have been violated.

“I do not have jurisdiction over this case, ”Deller said Tuesday in a US bankruptcy court hearing held via Zoom. The Meadville Tribune was the only outlet to attend Tuesday’s hearing.

“Nothing is within my jurisdiction where I could make an order that would affect the (bankruptcy) estate,” Deller said.

Instead, Deller suggested all parties work together to improve communication – and create less friction between residents and owners with Conneaut Lake Park and Keldon Holdings LLC, the amusement park’s new owner.

In March, Keldon bought the amusement park – including grounds, rides, a water park and other assets – Conneaut Lake Park trustees for $ 1.2 million in public proceedings in U.S. bankruptcy court before Deller.

The Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park are the non-profit corporation that oversaw the operations of the amusement park. The trustees filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2014 to reorganize her debts and needed the approval of the U.S. bankruptcy court for any sale.

See Wednesday’s edition of The Meadville Tribune for more details

Thelma J. Longworth

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