AIDSO condemns abandonment of lesson on Bhagat Singh from Kannada book

According to AIDSO, the Karnataka government omitted the lesson on Bhagat Singh and added the speech of RSS founder KB Hedgewar in the Class 10 Kannada textbook.

Sections Removed from Kannada Class 10 Handbook

NEW DELHI: The Indian Democratic Students Organization (AIDSO) Karnataka has condemned the Karnataka government’s decision to omit a lesson on Bhagat Singh from a Grade 10 Kannada textbook and demanded the deleted texts be added immediately. The organization asked “to stop inducing unscientific, anti-democratic and non-secular thoughts in textbooks”.

According to a statement by AIDSO, in the Kannada textbook just released by the Karnataka state government, a lesson on the great revolutionary who sacrificed his life at the age of 23, Bhagat Singh, was been omitted; while the speech given by a man who turned his back on the freedom movement, the founder of the RSS, KB Hedgewar, who does not unite the people but spreads communal hatred, is inducted.

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Along with this, a lesson that condemns racial hatred, “mruga mattu sundari” by P. lankesh, as well as many valuable lessons like “Yuddha” by Sara Abubakar and “Vyaghrageethe” by AN Murthi Rao have been removed, according to the communicated.

“AIDSO condemns in the strongest terms this government rhetoric that distorts established truth. This clearly shows that the ruling BJP and Sangh Parivar have no respect for the great revolutionaries of the country’s independence movement, including Bhagat Singh. And that highlights their ideology,” the statement read.

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The founders of our Renaissance movement and many great freedom fighters had hoped for a democratic, scientific and secular education. But all the political parties that have ruled so far have drawn up their own programs in manuals, AIDSO Karnataka Secretary Ajay Kamath said in the statement.

“Already, educated and education-loving people, across the state, have raised questions about the BJP government-appointed Textbook Review Board chair and committee. There is now evidence that the government set up this committee with the aim of instilling its ideas in education. AIDSO calls on the conscious people and student community in the state to resist government propaganda of narrow-minded ideology,” the statement continued.

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Thelma J. Longworth