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AHMEDABAD: Talking to Ishwarlal Dave can give young people a complex – this 98-year-old Navrangpura resident wakes up at 5 a.m. and does yoga for an hour. Later, he will also go for a walk. As his much younger loved ones grapple with post-Covid complications, Dave overcame the viral infection even after 12 days in hospital. He attributed the recovery to his 20 years of yoga practice.

“A balanced diet and balanced thoughts are essential for mental and physical health. Everyone faces their ups and downs, but the spirit and attitude of never saying die ensures that we don’t get bogged down in challenges, ”Dave said of the secret to his longevity. in good health. He had also recently survived chikungunya, which is known to have a negative impact on the joints.

His wife, 94, is also his healthy better half. The couple’s sons have settled abroad, but they spend their working lives in the city that has shaped their lives.


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“I had actively participated in the Quit India movement as a member of the Dariapur Congress. I remember very well that we distributed leaflets and organized rallies.

Ahmedabad: This freedom fighter won against the Covid at 98

During one of these gatherings in Chamanpura, we were attacked by the police and were finally arrested. We were taken to a court in the Karanj region, ”recalls Dave. “I was sentenced to six months in prison and a 200 Rs fine. As I refused to pay it, two more months were added. With others, I spent months in Sabarmati prison.

After independence, Dave joined social organizations to continue his work.


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