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Following Donald Trump’s 2020 misogynistic sales deal with the equally misogynistic Taliban, the great powers have helped restore fundamentalist rule in Afghanistan. This agreement included a Taliban guarantee to ensure that no group or individual violates the security of the United States or its allies in Afghanistan. However, the bombing of Kabul airport by IS-Khorasan (IS-K), which tragically left at least 169 dead and many more injured, ended this provision. It was the last humiliation for the retreating United States and its allies.

But the revolutionary Afghan women went out to fight. And they call for international solidarity and resistance against the Taliban and the IS-K. And their Kurdish sisters, with their vast experience in the fight against Daesh (ISIS / ISIL) and its Turkish backers, made a similar appeal.


In a statement released on August 20, the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) – first founded in 1977 – said that:

Women will no longer be chained! Just the next morning after the Taliban entered the capital, a group of our brave young women painted graffiti on the walls of Kabul with the slogan: Down with the Taliban! Our women are now politically conscious and no longer want to live under the burqa, which they easily did 20 years ago. We will continue our struggles while finding smart ways to stay safe.

Two days earlier, the general command of the YPJ (Kurdish Women’s Protection Units) also issued a statement saying:

Just as we, the YPJ, have resisted ISIS and the Turkish occupiers and their gangs with the organized force of women, strengthened and increased our army, Afghan women can also become a force for freedom with their strength and strength. organization.

Kurdish women call for solidarity

On August 16, Komalên Jinên Kurdistan (KJK) – a confederation of women’s organizations – issued a statement of solidarity with Afghan women. Referring to Turkey’s war on the Kurds, the KJK commented that the United States and its allies simply cannot be trusted:

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Those who delivered Afghanistan to the Taliban today and those who yesterday occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî to the Turkish Republic are the same powers. Those who gave the green light to the Turkish invasion of Rojava and northeastern Syria yesterday, are repeating the same scenario today in Afghanistan.

This was proven once again when American forces Pull civilians killed as a result of a bomb explosion at Kabul airport.

KJK’s statement also referred to the Turkish invasion of Afrin, largely populated by Kurds:

Much like in Afrin, where the YPJs, which inspire women around the world, were founded, and where today women are enslaved and murdered due to the policies of global hegemonic powers, Afghan women also face the same threatens. now.

He concluded:

We call on all women, especially women in the Middle East, to stand in solidarity with our sisters in Afghanistan, to make their voices heard and to stand up for their lives, their achievements and their dreams.

Leading the resistance

In October 2001, RAWA declared that:

The continued US attacks and the rising toll of innocent civilian casualties not only provides an excuse for the Taliban, but will also empower fundamentalist forces in the region and even around the world.

Tragically, twenty years later, this prediction has proven to be correct.

Additionally, in March of this year, RAWA made it clear what exactly would happen as a result of the 2020 Trump-Taliban deal. He said:

Today, it is up to our people, especially our women, to stand up against the betrayal of the United States through a nationwide uprising to combat Pakistani, Taliban and ISIS mercenaries.

RAWA also spoke of how their Kurdish sisters from Kobane (Rojava) “rubbed ISIS’s muzzle on the ground”. Referring to the funding and arming of Pakistan’s Taliban, RAWA added:

If we stand up fearlessly, with determination and resilience, we can push the ISI-created Taliban into the folds of their Pakistani godfathers.

RAWA further stated that it is women who must now “lead the resistance against the Taliban and co.”

Armed resistance

Earlier in August, a commentator tweeted how Afghanistan needs armed resistance via the equivalent of the YPG (Kurdish People’s Protection Units) and YPJs and the largely Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces:

The YPJs are feminists who practice democratic confederalism. It is a form of direct democracy based on the ideas of the American anarchist Murray Bookchin. According to Kongreya Star, democratic confederalism is:

a system based on a network of small municipalities and local assemblies in which people come together to self-organize their neighborhoods and towns and to decide their collective needs and concerns. This system is not based on the nation-state paradigm with its centralized, state-organized democracy, but rather is a form of direct, bottom-up democracy.

It was the YPG / YPJ and their allies that defeated Daesh in its de facto Syrian capital, Raqqa. But Joe Biden, then US vice president, warned the Kurdish militias to back down on their advances. Biden said they “shouldn’t expand west of the Euphrates … if they do, they’ll never get US support again.”

Biden’s threat was to support NATO-member Turkey, which seized Kurdish-populated territory in northern Syria. Turkey is now bombing raid hospitals in Rojava and Sinjar province, mainly populated by Yazidis. As for the authoritarian Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he affirms that the recent statements of the Taliban are “moderate”.

Kurdish women-RAWA links

Meanwhile, the link between Kurdish women and Afghan women’s struggles for freedom was further emphasized:

In a September 2019 interview, activist Samia Walid also spoke of the link between the Kurdish struggle against Daesh and that of Afghan women:

The struggle and the sacrifices of the lionesses of Kurdistan were for us an inspiration and a source of strength. Their struggle against ISIS and other medieval criminals has taught us enormous lessons.

Walid added:

RAWA considers that international solidarity with independentist, freedom-fighting, democratic and progressive organizations and parties is an essential element of our internal struggle. Our struggle converges with the struggle of the Kurdish people because most of our enemies are of a similar nature.

reality of the taliban

Walid also explained how RAWA’s political activities include:

publish our magazines and articles, and mobilize women to become aware and join our struggle. We collect and document the killings, rapes, looting, extortion and other crimes of these warlords in remote areas of Afghanistan. Our social activities provide education for women (not just literacy classes but social and political awareness of their rights and how to realize them), emergency aid, orphanage establishment and related activities. to health.

Most recently, RAWA issued 29 bans the Taliban could impose on women in Afghanistan. These range from banning women from working outside the home to banning women from studying at school or university or other educational institutions.

In addition, the Taliban have organized an “Orwellian Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,” which is:

responsible for controlling the small details of people’s daily life like beard length, dress code and having a Mahram (male companion, only father, brother or husband) for a woman.

Rise up!

RAWA is now calling for a “democratic front” to rise up and resist the Taliban:

Today, as we call for the constitution of a democratic front against the Taliban, we call on all democratic, secular, anti-fundamentalist and anti-occupation forces, all our tormented women, girls and men, to say that nothing will not come out of mourning. Let us stand up and resist the Taliban and their partners, in any way and at any level, and give them a taste of defeat and sorrow.

The United States and its allies have abandoned Afghan civilians to the mercy of the Taliban. Therefore, resistance inside the country will necessarily be strictly clandestine.

And the revolutionary women of Afghanistan will need all the support they can get.

Featured image via Flickr / Kurdishstruggle

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