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Gurnaaz Kaur

Bhagat Singh was 23 when he was hanged in Lahore Prison on March 23, 1931. He is not only celebrated for his contribution to the freedom movement, but for his courage, virility, sacrifice and intelligence . Remembering him on his death anniversary, these actors share what Bhagat Singh means to them.

Punjabi actor Jobanpreet Singh, who was in the police force before entering the entertainment industry, said: “For me, since my childhood, he was the real superhero that India had, but unfortunately he did not get his due. In fact, it was he who turned the romantic idea of ​​freedom into a real movement. The actor believes that one way to imbibe Bhagat Singh’s teachings in our lives would be to support families who lose their sons at the country’s borders.

Jobanpreet Singh


Having played real roles on the big screen, the inspiration for Dev Kharoud is Bhagat Singh. “He is my role model. I’m sure all Punjabi will say so. I have been a fan of Bhagat Singh since my childhood. There are pictures of him on all the walls of my house. His thought was revolutionary.

Actress Pranati Rai also has immense respect for Bhagat Singh. “I grew up listening to my mother’s stories about Bhagat Singh. I idolize him for his intelligence and his worth. His act of bravery, patriotism and selfless love for the country will be remembered until the end of time.

For Jagjit Singh, who was last seen in Paatal Lok, Bhagat Singh embodies responsibility. “If you can’t say what’s wrong and right because you’re not accepted into a group, that’s no way to live. I understood this thanks to Bhagat Singh, ”he said.

Dev Kharoud

Bhagat Singh’s sacrifice, as Lucky Dhaliwal puts it, “was the greatest turning point in India’s struggle for freedom. His passion for the good of humanity is unparalleled. There is only one Bhagat Singh and he is my hero.

As for Anjana Sukhani, “Bhagat Singh was limited only to books for many … until his story was told by the cinema. He will be forever remembered and read on him.


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