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CHENNAI: Many in our country, born after 1947, may not even be aware of the struggle for Indian freedom although they are also taking advantage of and abusing it, the Madras High Court observed in granting aid to an 73-year-old widow of a freedom fighter who was denied a pension plan.

Judge S Vaidyanathan called the Coimbatore Social Security System Deputy Special Collector’s order unsustainable and granted the benefits of the central government freedom fighters pension scheme to the widow of one C Kanniah.

The court noted that a letter dated May 5, 1961 from the All India INA Committee certified that Kanniah was a member of the Indian National Army and a victim of politics. In its order, the court said: “Many of us who were born after 1947 may not know how the struggle for independence unfolded and we enjoy the benefits of freedom and some abuse it. “

“This tribunal is of the opinion that this is only a technical objection, all the more so when the benefits of the Freedom Combatant’s pension have been extended to the applicant by the state government. .. Extension of the pension to the dependent after the disappearance of the freedom fighter himself is sufficient proof that the eligibility criteria for receiving a pension have been met.

In the present case, when the freedom fighter was recognized and when the applicant was recognized as his wife, standing on technical details which, no request was forwarded by the state government to the central government , will not serve the purpose. Illegality cannot be tolerated, but irregularity can be tolerated and the benefits can be extended. The purpose of the 1980 pension scheme is to benefit the relatives of freedom fighters. Mere contradictions and discrepancies may not be important to deprive the pension, ”said the ordinance.

The judge also added that authorities need to understand that the widow is now 73 and memory can fail with age, leaving the elderly unable to make decisions. The court ordered the state to send the pension claim to the Union government.

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