“A new delineation, a new form of state terrorism in the IIOJK” – Kashmir Media Service


Srinagar, December 22 (KMS): In illegally occupied Indian Jammu and Kashmir, the Hurriyat leaders have declared the new delineation exercise a new form of Indian state terrorism and a flagrant violation of international law.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the chairman of the Islamic Political Party, Muhammad Yousaf Naqash, in a statement issued in Srinagar, called the exercise a delineation, the modification of the curriculum, the new home laws, the installation of Hindu nameplates on government offices and various measures such as Indian laws and cultural terrorism in the IIOJK.

He said the aim of all these measures is to transform Jammu and Kashmir’s majority Muslim status into a minority and declare it Hindu-dominated territory. He said that such actions by India are alarming and indicate its hidden but nefarious intentions regarding the IIOJK in the future.

Yousaf Naqash said that despite Indian state terrorism, the Kashmiris are determined to free themselves from India completely. He called on world powers to understand the gravity of the situation and take concrete steps to curb Indian terrorist intentions and save South Asia from disaster.

He also commended Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for their efforts to highlight the Kashmir dispute internationally and expose Indian brutalities in the IIOJK.

Tehreek-e-Muzahamat chairman Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui in a statement in Srinagar called the demarcation project a dirty plan aimed at dividing residents of the Kashmir Valley and Jammu region on a communal and regional basis. . He said the project also reflected the nefarious views of New Delhi leaders and policymakers about the people of the IIOJK.

“This Chanakiyan plan intended to create a deep rift between the people of Jammu and Kashmir is devoid of all the technical and moral realities on the ground. The Indian regime led by Modi, in its colonial ruse, is determined to deprive the people of Jammu and Kashmir of their close-knit brotherhood and to create an atmosphere of hatred and animosity between them to advance the community agenda and fascist of the RSS. This road is their tested road to gain political clout and power, ”he added.

The Jammu and Kashmir National Front spokesman in a statement in Srinagar strongly opposing the boundary commission’s proposal said it exposed the BJP government’s nefarious game plan aimed at the political powerlessness and marginalization of the Muslim majority in the IIOJK.

He said the demarcation is part of India’s systematic colonization campaign aimed at subduing the Muslim majority, minimizing its role and giving political momentum to the BJP to enable it to form a government in the region so that he could legalize and legitimize the controversial decision of August 5, 2019, and the subsequent actions he had taken so far on Kashmir. He called on the international community to pay attention to India’s hegemonic designs in the region and to help end its political, cultural and religious attacks on the Kashmiris.


Thelma J. Longworth