A freedom fighter deprived of his contributions


There is no excuse for it

Protap freedom fighter Chandra Roy.


Protap freedom fighter Chandra Roy.

It seems that the case of mistaken identity has become endemic with us. We have heard of people suffering in prison because of it, we have heard of people being released because of it and now we have a real freedom fighter deprived of his allowances because of it. In our view, some of the so-called “mistake” identities may not be “mistakes” but deliberate. Protap Chandra Roy, a freedom fighter from the village of Kazirchawra in the Harati union of Lalmonirhat Sadar upazila, has never received any allowance or housing from the government. And that too after being duly examined and certified in 2019 as a true participant in our liberation war. In his place, another person by the name of Protap Chandra of Gangachara upazila of Rangpur collected the profits, illegally of course.

One of the good steps taken by the current AL government is to provide an increased allowance for freedom fighters. Unfortunately, we have never received a “final” list yet. With each new government in power, efforts were renewed to “finalize” the list of freedom fighters, only to be told by a new government that the old list was not accurate. And each time, their number increased. We hope to have a final list of freedom fighters in June of this year. However, what we now have on hand is a tentative list. But anyway, we hope that the new list will be able to identify bogus people who are illegally drawing allowances. And we believe that in this regard too, the government should be firm with those who have falsified documents to establish themselves as freedom fighters. In this regard, we remember that quite a few very high officials of the administration had falsified documents just to be able to claim the allowance of freedom fighters. We believe these people should be held to account and paid for their unethical and illegal act. As for Protap Chandra Roy, the administration should ensure that he immediately receives his due, including his arrears.

Thelma J. Longworth

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